Sep 1, 2010

Slum Textures

"Slum Textures" 35 Royalty-Free Textures.

Back in April and May I spent 10 days in the Mathare Valley Slums located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. It truly was a life changing experience.

The slums consist of a vast network of small corridors that weave their way through haphazard constructed shacks. While there I took a lot of pictures capturing the daily life of those who call the slums their home.

Many of my pictures documented textures I came across while walking through the slums and this set represents the sensory experience I visually encountered during my time there.

Source photo and resulting texture.

The best things about textures is they never go out of style unlike other resources such as fonts, stock art or even photography. A texture that looks crappy now will still look crappy 50 years from now. And that's craptacular!

All "35" Textures in set.

I've put together this set of "Slum Textures" so you can use them in your own projects. If you don't like the way I created the PSD file or the bitmap tiff file no worries, you'll be able to create your own versions using the original source photo included for each. So the possibilities are endless for your creative needs.

Source File Specifications.
Each Texture Includes the following formats for each of the "35" textures.

- Original Source Photo (Hi-Res, RGB jpeg)
- Layered Grayscale PSD (Hi-Res, 10x13 @ 315 ppi)
- Bitmap Tiff (Hi-Res, 10x13 @ 315 ppi)

Also included in the download is a bonus PSD source file for you to deconstruct and see how to put the textures to use.

(All PSD Files are CS4 but will still open in CS3 or CS2 without any problems.)

Download Links
The whole set is broken into four manageable downloads.

- Slum Textures 1 (192MB)
- Slum Textures 2 (173MB)
- Slum Textures 3 (169MB)
- Slum Textures 4 (168MB)

If you find these textures useful please consider donating to the work of Life in Abundance who works in African slums helping people improve their lives. Donate here. Thanks.


troybaker said...

Von, Thanks for the textures. They're great.

Dano said...

thank you. thank you. thank you.
and on a personal note: i spent 2 weeks in Nairobi and saw this slum from the outside, other members of my family visited it for days... amazing, and tragic place. beautiful. thanks again, "Mungu asifiwe"

happychinchilla said...

Wonderful textures, thank you very much for sharing.

n2 said...

Von, as always, your generosity is only outdone by your illustration skill. These are fantastic, thanks for sharing!

Simon H. said...

Thanks for sharing Von!
May I suggest to post each items (pack of original source photos, layered grayscale PSDs and tiffs) separatly? Like that people could pick and choose better?

Opt 2 Web said...

thanks so much

Charles Akins said...

Awesome, Von.
Thanks for your generosity and I hope your
trip to Africa went well. Best.

mrlich said...

These are really wonderful - thank you very much for sharing them with us!

Muta said...

Awesome thanks man!

Sarah said...

Thank you so very much for such a generous gift!

thephotocrawf1 said...

Vonster: thanks so much for your generosity. The textures are as gorgeous as the slum is devastating.
Regards, Chuck
[photocrawf] for SolidFuel

rahulfow said...

this is the best pack i have ever seen! thanks a ton for sharing. :)

Tantal Mortes said...

It's beautiful. You've got a talent