Jun 5, 2010

Creating 5ive-Alarm Concepts

"Creating 5ive-Alarm Concepts" Presentation.

FYI: This presentation has been updated since I posted this. The content linked to this post is still good but the updated presentation is only available through in person speaking engagements. If you'd like to invite me to speak at your event contact me here. To see dates and locations of where I'll be speaking next visit the Glitschka Studios facebook page.

Over the last three years I've had the privilege of speaking at the HOW Design Conference.

My two previous presentations were:
- HOW 2008, Boston: "Illustrative Design"
- HOW 2009, Austin: "Living a Creatively Curious Life"

And this year I'll be doing a presentation called "Creating 5ive-Alarm Concepts" which goes into how designers should think and always be expanding their knowledge base in order to facilitate original ideas.

Lots of notes, writing, and re-writing to refine the message.

Because of my trip to Africa I started my presentation production about a month late. I've been cramming non-stop for the last three weeks straight pulling all the information and research together I've collected into a coherent narrative. (At least I think I have?)

I take a lot of notes and over the last ten months or so I've been jotting down my thoughts and interviewing others about the whole realm of idea generation. How one goes about conceptualizing an effective design solution.

The end result is a folder jam packed full of chicken scratch notes and marked up print outs.


I'm not sure why, but my mind as I work on a project like this often fluxuates between thoughts of "I think this is coming out pretty good." and "You're going to clear the room, or put everyone to sleep." In other words a lot of doubt pops up. These self-inflicted head games make the whole process harder. I suppose it's fear of failure?

A long time ago someone gave me some very wise advice when it comes to relaying information to others. They said:

"If it doesn't challenge and compel yourself, don't expect it to resonate with or compel others."

That has proven to be very true in many areas of my life.

In previous years I've had the audio supplied to me after the fact. The first time it worked out OK, the second time it was hostage quality and I just couldn't use it. I'm done relying on others for my content.

Whether you were able to make it to the HOW Conference or not, you can experience the presentation now. Download everything listed below, go through it at your own pace and hopefully glean something you can integrate into your own creative pursuits. (If I manage to get an audio recording I'll update the download but at this point no audio exists)

Files included in download:
- "Creating 5ive-Alarm Concepts" Presentation (PDF Format)
- Conceptual Method Diagrams (PDF Format)
- Complete outline notes of presentation (PDF Format)

Download "Creating 5ive-Alarm Concepts" Package (76 MB)

If you'd like me to speak at your local AIGA group, AdFed group, design event, school, in house art department, or side show circus just shoot me an email and lets talk.


Grafixgibbs said...

Great presentation Von. Wish I could have been there to hear it live.

Thanks for making it available.

fatjester said...

This was a tremendous presentation at the How Conference. The PDF doesn't do it enough justice, I wish Keynote would allow for some kind of export that showed all of the animation and creativity that was put into this.

Mike Ruman said...

Thank you so much for the material. I was at HOW but didn't make it to your presentation, but heard plenty of good things. Hopefully they'll post a video of it.

devon spec said...

YAY!!! thanks von! i heard it was awesome.

Vonster said...


Keynote does allow you to record a presentation but the problem lies in hosting it. You Tube only allows for 10 minute chunks.

I tried to get HOW to video tape it but just never want too for some reason? Kind of retarded if you ask me audio recording a visual presentation instead of video taping it.


patricia said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I can´t wait to jump in and check it out!

Kristin said...

I was wondering why HOW didn't record it as well... oh well, I was lucky enough to see the presentation live and it was FANTASTIC! Thanks so much!

Stark Raving Ed said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I had to leave before your talk ended and I couldn't wait to see what I missed. Everything about your presentation rocked!

Sean Ingvard Ashby said...

Thanks for sharing, and for a great presentation! It was definitely one of my favorite of this year's conference!

Brittany said...

Hands down one of my favorite sessions from HOW. I finally got back to my office yesterday and printed off the entire presentation and all the notes. I'm looking forwards to implementing some of the amazing things I learned! Glad to have found your blog, as well, Von!

artsyfartsygyrl said...

I can honestly say, yours was hands down the most engaging and exciting presentation I attended at HOW this year. Thank you for giving us some meat to chew on, and for the examples of how your suggested methods have worked in real-life situations. It rocked!!!

Osc@r said...

Glitschka is the man!

Tim Baron said...

This rocked the house. I've begun implementing some of the concepts.

Ruby said...

Your presentation was the talk of the town and I was so upset that I missed it. Glad to know it's downloadable!

Hope to see you in Chicago.

Mike Jones said...

Von, thank you so much for coming out to Phoenix Design Week and doing this presentation for us. I think it might have been my favorite (and most applicable) presentation of the whole weekend. Thank you for sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience you have.

Sarah said...

The presentation last night was fantastic. Thank you for putting it together. As always, you rule! (And I hope you're planning to turn this one into a book).

Kreativne reŇ°itve said...

This presentation is great! Thank you for the all insights you are sharing, very valuable.