Apr 2, 2010


A downcast Kindle ponders his future.

The dawn of the iPad is quickly approaching and it made me wonder in an anthropomorphic way how the Kindle would respond? This is my answer to that question.

Since the Kindle is a native of the PNW where the phrase "Skid Row" originated from, I thought it was an appropriate metaphor.

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Becky the Design Lady said...

Any of those poor sad Kindles who feel like they are no longer needed or loved are welcome to find their way to my house where they will be cherished and appreciated (at least until I can get my hands on an iPad.)

Brine Blank said...

Just listening to your podcast and having my high school students listen in...will also have my juniors listen tomorrow. The funny thing I get all of the time is "I want to do....but I can't draw...so the computer will just do it won't it?" You encapsulated a LOT of good info that I have been fighting to get students AND faculty to understand...and they don't. We always push the process, planning analog before pushing pixels, and the value of being a proficient drawer...it is getting to be a crazy upside-down world out there!