Jan 2, 2010

Mole Mode

"Mole Mode" Logo.

Recently on the Freelance Radio podcast I shared a method I use for focusing my creative energies and getting work done efficiently. I call it "Mole Mode."

Other than the name I've given it my method for time management isn't anything unique as far as I'm concerned.

I call it "Mole Mode" because a mole digs deep and buries himself in his work. He's fully immersed in his task of digging through the dirt looking for tasty roots insects to consume. BTW, the Latin in the logo above means "Dig Deep."

Too Much Noise
As an illustrative designer my process is both analog and digital.

But living a digital lifestyle means you have to be able to reduce the noise cascading upon us daily from various technologies and social media services vying for our attention and distracting us from our creative work.

So when I find myself getting overwhelmed and having my attention pulled in different directions I go into "Mole Mode."

What Does "Mole Mode" mean?
- Shut Down Email
- Turn Off Cell Phone
- Unplug Land Line Phone / Fax
- Shut Down Twitter
- Close Facebook etc.
- Put on Noise Canceling Headphones
- Listen to Music or Audio Book

When I'm in "Mole Mode" it optimizes my productivity and allows me to get into that creative zone that facilitates great ideas. This of course is far more essential when I have tight deadlines too.

In writing this post I came across a time management eBook written by Mark McGuinness. The eBook has a lot of very practical advice and you can't beat the price since it's FREE. Download "Time Management for Creative People" by Mark McGuinness here.

So take 2010 by the gonads and give "Mole Mode" a try.

Blend it!


kerrie said...

Thank you for posting both your own ideas and the link by Mark McGuinness. I am now entering my 2nd year of owning my own design business and time management has been my #1 difficulty. I'm definitely going to try some of these suggestions.

Vin Thomas said...

Great stuff Von. I have a similar approach. When I NEED to work I have to shut down Tweetie and ignore email and RSS.

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? That has been quite helpful for me too. Google it...

Allan L. said...

I'll gladly wear a "Mole Mode" t-shirt in 3X. And thank you for the e-book link!

Robgl322 said...

Great advise and I love the link to the word 'gonads.' Nice!

girl*in*gear studio said...

I love mole mode. It is such a good way to really get the most out of your creative thought... and I love that you've given it a name and a logo! If you put it on Zazzle in a t-shirt or a decal/bumper sticker, I'll buy one of each! Thanks also for the e-book link.

Stacy said...

I also turn off everything when I'm working or making cold calls because I don't want any distractions.

But, being a biology buff, I couldn't resist point out that moles are insectivores. They mostly eat bugs and worms and are closely related to shrews.

Gophers are the ones that eat roots. :)

Vonster said...


Ah, OK "Insectivores" gotcha! I stand corrected.