Jan 28, 2010

Holy Vectors

Iconic Rabbi Illustration.

Life as a creative hired gun brings in some interesting work at times.

Firms hire me to draw all manner of content for them and believe it or not this isn't the first Rabbi I've drawn either.

Ancient Source Photo.

On this latest gig I was provided with a photograph of a Rabbi. This teacher from yesteryear dates back about 75 years and the firm needed an iconic illustration based off of it they could use in their project.

Alternate motif.

This type of project isn't a huge money making venture for me, but I still enjoy doing them. I bet it never crossed the Rabbi mind that some day in the future he'd be digitally rendered in a resolution independent format?

Blend it!


Jenz said...

Strong and moody. Stunning!

marry said...

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yeah I agree >> stunning !!

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yoel said...

very nice,
In jewish mystical tradition this particular rabbi's picture is thought to be a "segulah" or an omen to ward off mice!
you can find this picture in tons of stores in Israel for that reason.
I like your vector stuff I also enjoy illustrator my stuff at www.yjstudios.com/blog