Dec 6, 2009

Robot Love

My Toy Robot Collection.

My fascination with robots started in the summer of 1977 when Star Wars hit the big screen. As I've posted before, robots are one of the top ten themes creative people love.

So when I moved into my new studio a few years back I found a unique shelve design to display all of my robot collectibles.

I've been wanting to use them for a creative project in some way, but never could figure out an appropriate use. That is until I worked on a recent identity project for New Modern Science.

Raw Photograph of Robot.

As I worked on the identity for New Modern Science I realized the robot would make a perfect company mascot. A secondary branding element in essence.

I'm not a professional photographer, but I know enough about photography to get what I need in this case. I set up a nice forced perspective shot against a white background.

Final Photograph of Robot Mascot.

I took my raw image into Photoshop and cleaned up some details, added depth of field fx, and crossed processed the colors so it worked well with the look and feel of the logo mark.

Brand integration.

The robot fits the context of new brand identity well. I even used it on the back of the business card design I created. You can view the whole project on my primary design site here.

Blend it!


Rhonda said...

This turned out great. I'm not a photographer either, but I love being able to shoot my own photos for my designs when possible.

Martin Koch said...

You'll probably love tho see these robots: if you don't know them already.

Grafixgibbs said...

So cool, as usual. Love the collection. I have an action figure collection I hope to display some day. First I need an office. :-)

chooseonpurpose said...

Maybe a stupid question but... How is it legal for you to use a photo of a copyrighted product? The robot. It's a toy. You didn't make it right? How can you take ownership is using it in your design? Would it be OK if I took a photo of some old Rock'em Sock'em robots and used it my artwork?

Vonster said...


Your point would be valid if your assumptions were correct, but they're not.

I purchased this robot from a guy who buys wholesale pieces from Hong Kong. There was no product, it's a build your own composite. The only way he can do this is because the components are in public domain now. They are re-constructions of old vintage toys from the 50's, thus there is no copyright violation. It's fair use.

Your Rock'em Sock'em robots is a trademarked licensed product being marketed under current copyright laws by a multi-national toy company, what I used isn't.

chooseonpurpose said...

Ahhhhhh. Got it. BTW Awesome design. Nice use of CMYK.

Vonster said...

No problem your question was appropriate.