Dec 9, 2009

Fa La La La Lifetime - Take III

Original Hand Lettering for "Fa La La La Lifetime."

This now makes the third Christmas in a row that the Lifetime Channel has used my "Fa La La La Lifetime" branding for their holiday promotional efforts.

"Fa La La La Lifetime" bug graphic.

During this season you'll see it as a bug in the lower right hand corner of the screen and it'll also appear in numerous TV spots. (But the ones that look ugly and where their in house people added dimension to the letter forms I had nothing to do with.)

"Fa La La La Lifetime Movie Network"

Lifetime contacted me again this year to create additional custom lettering to augment their current seasonal branding efforts. The image above shows a stacked option and I also created a long horizontal option with everything resting on the same baseline as well.

"Fa La La La LMN" bug graphic.

This shows an abbreviated version I also created that can be used as a bug graphic.

"Fa La La La LMN" alternate bug graphic.

Sometimes when working on projects like this I explore beyond the requested deliverables. So on this project I also provided them with the type nested inside a fun shape as well. Not sure they'll ever use it but I liked it.

TV Promotional Spot - 2009

Blend it!


Jennifer Miller said...

Very awesome! I was just surfing channels and noticed the bug in the corner and how I liked the script font and holiday feel and then I scrolled through my Blogs and found this -- haha.

Andrea said...

I watch both channels on almost a daily basis this time of the year. And it's pretty awesome seeing someone one of my teachers designed just chillin there on my tv. :]