Nov 20, 2009

Illustrative Stunt Double

Striking a pose.

When ever I need reference material for a creative project involving a male figure I call up my friend John Nissen. He was my best man and we've known each other since attending art school. He also has a good stereotypical body type which makes him my go to male model. ;-P

An agency hired me to create some linear illustrations for a campaign pitch. The topic was medical and they requested a few samples to use in their presentation.

Doctor with stethoscope linear illustration.

John is an Art Director at a local firm here in town where I live and does both design and illustration himself so he knows how to strike that perfect pose. In this case a doctor getting ready to listen to your heart via a stethoscope.

These were going to be animated just like the bank spots I've done in the past.

Acting for the sake of art.

Here John is posing as a sick guy looking for a cure online. Does he have H1N1 or is he just a Hypochondriac?

Googling for Rx linear illustration.

Like so much agency work this project died before it ever had a chance to be animated. Easy come, easy go.

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Bo said...

I appreciate how your balding friend has hair in your design. It brings me hope. Regardless, awesome project.