Nov 14, 2009

From Inspiration to Illustration

"TRI 3Y3 Guy" character illustration.

Like the wind, inspiration can hit you at any moment from any direction, so I like to pay attention to the prevailing creative winds letting my imagination set sail.

Such was the case when I recently watched the movie Fargo. I hadn't watched since it's premiere back in 1996. The moment of inspiration came from an unlikely source, the forehead of actor Steve Buscemi.

Details of illustration.

So as I watched the movie I started drawing, a head start on an illustration project if you will. (Pardon the pun) The below video will take your through the entire chain of creative events.

"TRI 3Y3 Guy" t-shirt design.

Looking for that perfect give for your beloved mother in law? Look no further, nothing says "I love you!" more than a t-shirt of the "TRI 3Y3 Guy."

"TRI 3Y3 Guy" art print.

"TRI 3Y3 Guy" is available in three formats:
- Download PDF Art Print
- Download Wallpaper Files
- View / Order T-shirt

From Inspiration to Illustration


matt bacon designs said...

Thanks for sharing your process. Very interesting! Kinda liked the yellow eyes:)

koydan said...

Thank you for the wonderful lesson!

Creative Crafter UK said...

Thanks again Von - great video. Thanks for sharing your process. I find your tutorials so interesting!

George Coghill said...

Love this one Von! Great work!

Tanya Nichols said...

Thanks Von for sharing, awesome job!

Joseph said...

Love your process Von, very inspiring!

ArtVelopes said...

Excellent! Thanks for sharing!! It's always great to see how different artists work through the design process.

libby said...

Happy to watch! Thank You for sharing!

vineeta said...

Wow. That was a lot of to-ing and froing. You really love what you do & it shows. This podcast was really generous and shows your process step by step- thanx so much for that!

Angelique said...

Nice! What type of printer do you use to print out your proofs? I use a Xerox 7760. I used to own a Xante Illumina, but it gave me more problems than it was worth.