Oct 6, 2009


"Watcher" doodle via Paper Mate® Flair Pen.

I think Paper Mate® Flair Pens Rule! And, just in case the FTC (Nanny State) is reading this blog post and wants to say my endorsement breaches my right to freedom of speech they should know I wasn't given any FREE pens to say that.

I'd like to say I doodle every day religiously. Well, I'd like too but I have to be in the mood and last night I was. I didn't have any idea where it would lead I just started drawing an eyeball and the rest just kind of spawned itself over the next five minutes or so.

"Watcher" design. (Click Image to View Larger)

Like I've said before, I prefer doodling and drawing on note pads rather than a sketch book. But that said I do have a mole skin.

My doodles tend to contain all matter of nonsensical strangeness. I don't really think when I doodle I just open the flood gates and just see what spills out. I think it's more fun that way.

"Watcher" t-shirt design.

When ever I do doodles I always try to use them in some way. Many times I animate them, but being a fan of apparel graphics I enjoy offering them up as t-shirts.

I think this art makes for a cool t-shirt so I put a design together utilizing a halftone effect.

You can view and order this shirt from my Zazzle store.


Patrick said...

That is weird. I am not sure how anyone could hate your work. I think most of it is pretty awesome.

How did you do the half tone effect in illy? Or did you even do this in illy?

Patrick said...

DOH! Reading would help. I just saw the art and had to post a comment. Sorry.

Vonster said...


You can see how to do the halftone effect here.



Louis said...

When you submit your artwork to zazzle.com what file format do you use?

Vonster said...


I upload a hi-res .png file with transparent background for my art on Zazzle. That works best. Just make sure you have the option of "Turn white transparent" on the image clicked "Off."


Louis said...

Thanks, Von. Have you ever sent ai files when you've created your work in Illustrator or do you tend to shy away from sending that file format. I saw that option was available also.

Vonster said...

The guys behind Zazzle told me a hi-res png image works best. Using .ai just means you're relying upon an algorithm to rasterize the image for you. I'd rather control that myself.

The ink sublimated process uses rasterized images to print on the shirt. They don't separate like traditional screen printing via a vector file.


Louis said...

Great - I'm glad I asked. Thanks a lot. You just saved me some grief of receiving merch I wouldn't have been happy with. I was thinking it was like traditional printing. I'm putting together a poster and thought a vector based file would be best for such a large product. I'll have to convert the ai file to a high res PNG file and keep it at the actual size of the final poster before I upload it. Thanks again.

girl*in*gear studio said...

As always, this is super cool artwork. I think you could build an entire business just designing t-shirts, Von. Thanks again for the insight into your creative process.

betterthanhuman said...

Of all your recent posts, this is my favorite. I love the illo!