Oct 17, 2009

Crusty Dude Doodle

Another "Red Pen" doodle via Paper Mate® Flair.

Over the last few weeks I can stop drawing with my Paper Mate® Flair Pens. For some reason drawing old crusty people is a whole lot of fun. I think it's all the various wrinkles that make it such an alluring drawing experience? The more wrinkles, the more character.

Mile High doodling.

I started drawing this art while I was sitting on an American Airlines plane at 31,000 ft. somewhere over Texas headed to Lafayette. I then finished it off sitting in the offices of Prejean Creative before I spoke at the local AdFed group.

I prefer drawing with red pens rather than black because they tend to add some artifacts in the darkest areas you just loose with solid black. It also allows me to blow out some things when I scan the drawing in as well if needed.

"Crusty Dude final artwork.

I felt my crusty dude needed an environment to live in. So I pulled a photo of a back alley I took in Savannah Georgia a few years back and composited it with my doodle art.

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