Oct 23, 2009

Circular Reasoning

"Circular Reasoning" design. (Click Image to View Larger)

A while back I was listening to a political talking head who was using circular reasoning to bolster his argument. This seems to be a very popular fallacy in todays media regardless of what political ideology you align with.

When something irritates me I tend to vent my frustration via doodling. So when I heard this doofus using circular reasoning I thought of the term "talking in circles" and this design idea came to mind. I quickly scribbled it out knowing I'd get to it at a later date.

"Circular Reasoning" doodle via Paper Mate® Flair Pen.

The core basis of this design was hand drawn. I knew I'd then scan it in and build out the remaining motif digitally via Photoshop. The idea was to make his tongue morph into his neck and spawn a new head.

I suppose this design could be an iconic representation of politicians in general. Frankly I'm sick of all the suited weasels in Washington. Enough R&D IMO. Maybe someday we'll get a real Mr. Smith to go to Washington and truly knock some heads together and exercise some common sense in a not so common time. But I won't hold my breath.

"Circular Reasoning" t-shirt design.

In the meantime you can always forward this link to your local politician and remind them of what not to do. After all they do play with their laptops during sessions be it solitaire, surfing the web, or watching a baseball game, so why not read an actual email from a constituent?

Of course you can also stimulate my personal economy and order this shirt from my Zazzle store too. Just in time for Christmas.


Grafixgibbs said...

Circular reasoning works because circular reasoning works because circular... ahh you get the idea. Nice way to illustrate it.

Jac said...

Thank you for still believing in Mr Smith.