Jun 12, 2009

Twitter Beard

Illustrative Mask "Twitter Beard."

For the past three years I've been teaching "Digital Illustration" in a local college VC program. For this terms final project I assigned the students an "Illustrative Mask" for them to create over a four week period were we focused on each phase of the creative process: Thumbnails, Sketches, Comps, and Final Art all being art directed by myself and peer reviewed.

I thought this would be fun so I decided to participate myself. The idea I chose to develop was based on my love of Twitter.com which I've been using going on three years now. (You can follow me at: @vonster)

Striking a pose with "Twitter Beard" mask.

When ever someone asks me "What is Twitter?" or "Why do you use Twitter?" I usually respond by saying "Think of Twitter as a diary for your random thoughts that other people can read." Essentially the only thing I'm doing differently now than I was pre-Twitter is documenting my thoughts.

The random thoughts and ideas have always been their, but I never captured them. Twitter allows me to do that now and also gives me the opportunity to see what others are thinking and that makes for a good waste of time.

Some of my students mask illustrations.

I think my students did a great job. Very creative and fun mask illustrations. They'll all be getting A's BTW.

My daughter Savannah inherited my zany gene. Arrrgh!

The fun thing about a mask like this is that each user can create a different emotion really easily. Add some props like a hat or glasses and all manner of zany merriment and take place. It's low-tech fun at it's best.

More mask hi-jinx.

Here are several people who put together their own design gathering and had some fun with the mask.

Construct your own "Twitter Beard" mask.

If you download and construct a mask for yourself please share a link to a picture in the comments below.

Download "Twitter Beard" PDF
"Twitter Beard" Mask PDF (1.5MB)

For more information and larger preview of "Twitter Beard" visit my primary site here.

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Beth said...

I'm all about the magenta cthulu head - awesome!

Michael Critz said...

BTW, *LOVE* the Tweetie Icon shirt.

curtis said...

This is epic, cant wait to make it.

joel Dorning said...

Really Fun! I love how some of your students masks (well two of them shown) have influences of the Pacific West Native Americans.

varick said...

These are amazing. Will definitely put it to some good use! THANKS!

PaperVinny said...

Wow! So awesome and creative. I am wondering if there is any way to get a copy of the others? More specifically the squid creature. So amazing. Thanks.

T.D.D.K. said...


Chelle said...

That is way to cool, great stuff, thx for sharing.

piqlopher said...

love it. here's me with your beard! =D http://twitpic.com/otv3t

daniel john said...

Really Fun! I love how some of your students masks (well two of them shown) have influences of the Pacific West Native Americans.
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tlacaelel said...

LOL! It's great to run into a fellow Salem resident randomly on the internet. Cute beard! :D

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myterm said...

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Mia Mora said...


Really awsome Twitter Beard! You can see my photo here: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-oz-dmsJaigk/U1uNL8Xe8lI/AAAAAAAAAlQ/1Z5GX0PK7Q8/s1600/kombo.jpg

Kimberly's Card-making and Paper-crafting Diary said...

Thanks so much for the free sharing! X from Dubai