May 29, 2009

Ambigram I am

"Von" ambigram.

Ever since "The Da Vinci Code" was published in 2003 I've been wanting to play around with an ambigram design. I've just never found the time.

The other day I doodled out my first name and figured it wouldn't take too long to build so I put this design together.

Ambigram in action.

My name is pretty easy to do this type of treatment too since it's only one letter away from being a very simple palindrome.

A real creative challenge would be taking my last name "Glitschka" and creating an ambigram from that. It may take another six years however before I get around to that though.


Vasily said...

Good job here, Von!
Curious to see a bit more complex name treated the same way.

Gary S said...

Nice ambigram!

I also started doodling them after reading The DaVinci Code, but mine are nowhere near this good!

(@garrick_s on Twitter)

Sneh | LBOI Blog said...

Nice! I would've thought it was only possible with palindromes. Glitschka would be quite a challenge I reckon :-)

Schwa Love said...

Looks awesome!

If you haven't yet, you may want to check out the website of Scott Kim:

I was introduced to ambigrams through his book "Inversions" when I was a wee one.

Michael said...

Looks cool but i dont think it is the book The Da Vinci Code but his other book called Angels and Demons. :)

anyway nice job!

Gabriel said...

my last name is Nin (yeah like the band) I'm gonna try making this sort of Palindrome thing... very cool Von!

illustration is fast becoming my life career choice, kind of fell into it and glad Im finding people like you for inspiration and learning more and more everyday

Miguel and the Detroit Wolverines said...

Ah! it's so weird, i just created one a last week... totally oblivious to the DaVinci Code's ambigram (until afterward) and now i find this! i think the universe is telling me something...