Feb 28, 2009

Something Udderly Fishy

Alien Species.

What do you say to an agency that asks you to illustrate a UFO flown by a fish? And if that wasn't cool enough they also requested a cow boxing a fish into submission. Who are these cornball cartoonish illos for? The Canadian Fish and Game Department.

The themes reflect alien species of fish encroaching on the native species, farm lands and how they can effect local fish habitats all communicated in a fun way via a simple Flash animation. I'm not doing the Flash work, that'll be handled by the agency who hired me to illustrate these goofy visual assets.

Bull Trout Character.

My animated gif shows some of the movement that will bring these characters to life on screen. I suppose if they are Canadian the fish might be saying

"I'll kick your ärse Cow. Come back and I'll give you a fin sandwich, eh?"

Brook Trout Character.

Yeah so I flipped the fish, re-colored him, modified the shape of his head ever so subtly and voila, new art. What? All's fair in love and vectors baby.

So what might this fish be saying?

"Hey hoser, take me to your leader, eh?"

The Brawling Bovine.

In this corner is my lame animated gif weighing in at exactly 152 KB. This image doesn't do this heifer justice. His head is modular and I provided a library of images so as they can make him jab and punch and get a MOOve on!

Underwater environment.

This is the background for the alien species animation. These will be displayed on large plasma screens in their final form.

Detail of Scene.

Close the door your letting all the water out.

Pleasant Meadow and Spring.

This is the background for the cow boxing the fish. I suppose if they are fighting a discouraging word was heard, eh?

Rough Cut Animations
View a rough cut of "Fish -vs- Cow" here.
View a rough cut of "Invasive Species" here.


Jared Christensen said...

This would make a great 404 page on their website.

Creative Crafter UK said...

They're fun!

deanna said...

These are great fun! It would be cool if you could share the final animation so we can see how all the characters are used.

Grafixgibbs said...

Udderly Fintastic as usual. Love the shading and the goofiness of them. Good stuff.

canvas said...

Dear Von,

You have the awesomest job in the world.

Thanks so much for sharing. Keep on being Von -- the world is brighter for it!