Feb 2, 2009

First and Goal

Play Flag Football Logo.

I was asked recently in a design interview to explain my approach to logo design. I used the analogy of an investigation. I never know where it will take me or how the design problem will be solved until my creative investigation is finished.

The same was true with this client. At first glance I read the name "Play Flag Football" and thought to myself "That's not a business name that's a sentence." Obviously the biggest challenge for me would be to somehow simplify the complexity that a long name was causing.

My favorite moment in any logo project is when I stumble upon that one clever metaphor or visual element that reinforces a concept and brings my design to life. With this project I wanted it to say football without showing a literal football.

Play Flag Football Logo (Patch Version)

Play Flag Football sponsors flag football events nationwide and wanted their logo in a format that would work well for embroidery purposes too. This version of the logo is for patches.

Embroidery Patch Designs.

Other programs ran by Play Flag Football needed their own embroidery patch designs as well. They will reward these patches to the kids who earn them so they can sew them onto their uniform.

Horizontal Logo Format.

This shows the logo in horizontal format and how it can be integrated into a photograph.

Play Flag Football was a very successful company before I worked with them. And the new identity I created for them will equipped them to keep moving forward on the field of success.

If only I could convince Google to do the same. ;-)


Patrick said...

Awesome logo. You really did a good job with it.

Geoff Thibeau said...

/wink @ recycled handshake.
Von Gets Paid to Draw

Louis said...

This is an excellent logo. I understood the concept immediately when I saw it.

Congratulations on your logo for lifetime. I saw it a couple of days ago when I was flicking through the channels...I said I was flicking through the channels...I wasn't watching a lifetime movie or anything...lol