Jan 8, 2009

XBox Live Video Game

Owl illustration artwork used in game.

A little over a year ago "Say Design" contacted me about using my Owl illustration in a video game called "Puzzle Arcade" they were developing for Microsoft XBox Live Marketplace.

Microsoft XBox Live Marketplace.

I almost never get told by my clients when something will launch or be released. I usually find out after the fact and such was the case with this puzzle game. My fellow design friend Nate Vosse owns an XBox and spotted it and posted some links. Thanks Nate!

Screen shot of "XBox Puzzle Arcade" in progress.

I love video games and my wife enjoys doing puzzles so I was thrilled to license my art for this usage.

Screen shot of "XBox Puzzle Arcade" solved.

Unfortunately I don't own an XBox. But it's still cool that thousands of people will get to enjoy my artwork anyway via this XBox video game.


Creative Crafter UK said...

Great Illustration - well done!

taadang said...

Von, I just saw this yesterday on my xbox. Have your book so I recognized it right away. My first thought was: Does he know his work is on here?

Glad to see the work getting more exposure.

OneSickIndividual said...

thats awesome. i just saw this the other day. glad i stumbled upon your site. nicely done!

Sam Ee said...

This game is actually getting a lot of really good reviews from hardcore gamers. It's awesome that your illustration is in it! Congrats!