Jan 9, 2009

The Society of Illustrators

Over the past two years I've been fortunate enough to be able to visit the "Society of Illustrators" in New York City.

The building itself is nothing special, rather it's the history attached to it. The many pieces of art that grace the walls of it's interior showcase a rich artistic history of some of the worlds best illustrators.

Self-portraits of many past members hang on the walls as you ascend the old creaking stair case. I looked at each one and thought of Harry Potter and the talking paintings at Hogwarts. What would these guys say to me? "What do you mean you don't use paint?" or "Keep drawing my boy!"

Back in 2006 I entered my first piece of art ever to the Society of Illustrators and it got accepted.

This year I entered another piece of art but to be completely frank I didn't think it would get accepted because, well it's an "Evil Clown."

Society of Illustrators 51 - New York

Tickles the Evil Clown. (37x30 Inches)

View larger preview of art here.

Much to my surprise my illustration got accepted into this years show. The first time I was notified by email that I had been accepted but this time I received a phone call and the lady on the line said to me:

"I'm calling you to let you know that "Tickles the Evil Clown" has been accepted into the 51st Annual Society of Illustrators exhibition and publication. Congratulations!"

At first I laughed because the lady had to say "Tickles the Evil Clown" since that is what I had named the artwork. LOL

Society of Illustrators - Los Angeles

Loyal Order of Wormwood. (24x37 Inches)

View larger preview of art here.

I also submitted my poster illustration I created for Adobe to the "Society of Illustrators" in Los Angeles.

I'm happy to say that it was accepted for their 47th annual Illustration West show. I'm very excited about this to say the least.

If you compare the original version for Adobe with the one shown above you'll see I modified the background color. This was due to the fact the accepted pieces would be part of a gallery showing and I thought it looked better sans the brown background color.

I'll be posting some follow up pictures of the final gallery pieces soon so you'll be able to see some process pictures of the canvas art being stretched and framed.


ArtVelopes said...

Hey Von,

Congrats on being accepted man! Tickles is absolutely fantastic!! I have a bit of an affinity for Evil klowns myself. I have a few sketches done up but haven't got them into the computer yet.

Keep up the great work! Later...T

moverlow said...

Hi Von,
Congratulations on the SI exhibit and annual. I have had the opportunity to vist there a few times - the last being at the "Art Out Loud" event a couple years ago. Truly an amazing, inspirational place. Again, congrats and many, many thanks for your contributions to the design and illustration communities.

A healthy, happy and prosperous new year to you and your family!

Mark Overlow

Creative Crafter UK said...

Congratulations! As always your work is amazing. I especially like the evil clown - many people can relate to that. I have so many friends who have a phobia of clowns.

Jeope said...

Congrats Von. My wife and I (well, more on my prodding) visited the Society when last in NYC. Sketches were plastered everywhere from the previous night's sketch club meeting. But the history on display there ... I was left speechless.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. The poster is great. That was so funny, having the lady saying "evil clown.." Ha.


Canvas Prints said...

very nice! i like the color, truly timeless art.

Estkm said...

hi, I wanted to know if this people are allowed to use this image of yours since I've been reading your blog the past few days and I got to know how concerned you are about copyright infringement. Here's the link: http://www.astutegraphics.com/products/phantasm/trial.html, oh and great work by the way. Really inspiring!! Hope you can check out my portfolio at www.coroflot.com/estkm I would love some critiques from you about my work in general!! Cya!!

Vonster said...


Yes that company asked permission to use my art in their examples. No worries.