Jan 10, 2009

Muscle Ink

Muscle Ink logo design.

I love doing tribal tattoo art. It's just a very fun style to work in. I never intended this art to be used for actual tattoos but over the past six years several of my designs have made their way to actual bodies. It's pretty cool.

I was contacted by the owner of "Muscle Ink" to create a logo using the same tribal style. He shared his desire to have a slight egyptian flair to it as well without going over board.

Muscle Ink logo design. Alternate format.

When ever I design a logo I try to give my clients two versions of the final mark. A vertical format and a horizontal format. This will allow them to more easily integrate it into future projects.

The style of the face was bold and solid so I wanted to compliment it with type that could stand on it's own and not get over powered by the image itself.

Beauty and the beast.

Unlike more traditional tattoos the tribal style is most often done using black. It's simple, elegant and usually wears better over time. Of course I'm speaking from theoretical knowledge here since I'm too much of a weenie to ever get one done myself. But I've done enough designs and talked to enough tattoo aficionados who have told me as much.

Logo Bug PSD file.

I enjoy helping young entrepreneurs succeed in business. Part of a firm foundation for marketing is having a well designed and appropriate logo. But one of the challenges is to keep that identity consistent as they grow and use it. A large corporation has brand managers to assure this is the case but for many small businesses it's a struggle.

With that in mind I created a simple PSD file for this client that included two logo bugs. A "White" and a "Black" version so he could easily brand the photos on his site by simply dragging the logo into the image file. I optimized the logo art so it was clean and sharp. If I had left this to the client it would have been distorted and too blurry.

Large view and texturized version.

Muscle Ink had original seen another face I did using textures. So I also provided a layered Photoshop file with the logo art texturized so they could also use the mark in this format for other purposes.

FYI: For information about my stock tribal designs or to have me create a custom tribal design for you visit VonsterTattoos.com.



Once again, high quality design goodness! Awesome!

Creative Crafter UK said...

Cool Design - I like the textured version too. It looks amazing on the model!

George Coghill said...

Great tribal illustration & logo once again Von!

vectorbug said...

Good job! But I find it odd that a tattoo artist couldn't create his own logo, especially when its a tattoo style.

Vonster said...


He's not a tattoo artist. He's just a guy who runs a business that caters too those into tattoos and body building. Think of it as "Facebook" for body builders who love getting tattoos.