Jan 1, 2009

Mickey Rat

The original "Mickey Rat" comic book.

Growing up I enjoyed comics. I always seemed to be more drawn to DC variety than Marvel as it turned out. Not sure why? Another variety I was introduced too was underground comics. The artwork of Robert Crumb all though risque and subversive at times always appealed to me. I rarely actually read through them, rather I'd just spend my time looking at his drawing style and the characters he created.

When I first saw the above comic I enjoyed the fact they were doing a parody of a cute innocent character. I initially though it was the work of Robert Crumb but it was actually created by one of the members of his band named Robert Armstrong. The influence from Crumb is obvious.

My take on "Mickey Rat" (Click Image to view larger)

The last week has been pretty calm here at Glitschka Studios. I have a number of projects in progress but at the moment all of them are on hold as I await feedback form my clients. So I decided to create my own take on "Mickey Rat."

I wanted him to be somewhat cute but also disturbing and a little bit demented as well.

Splatter version. (Click image to view larger)

I'm sure I'll offend someone with this illustration but life wouldn't be as interesting if everyone agreed with me now would it? So you may be wondering "Why is he holding a knife?" I guess I liked the juxtaposition of a seemingly cute character with the dangerously sharp, bloodied knife along with the alarming blood splattered background.

Wear the demented little vermin.

Of course I had to design an appropriate subversive t-shirt with this art and you can get more information about the "Mickey Rat" tee here. (It helps to look a little crazy when you wear it too.)

PDF Art Downloads
Download Mickey Rat PDF
Download Mickey Rat Splatter PDF

This artwork is Copyright © Glitschka Studios. You can use these PDF files for personal viewing and to print out and hang in your work area. No other usage is granted.


Aloke Pillai said...

Haha, thats so awesome!

Jeff said...

Great illo! Not quite sure what to make of it...or you for drawing it, lol, but great job! ;)

Creative Crafter UK said...

Hehehe - Cool!

Armilyn and David said...

That reminds me of the time my mom went on a shopping trip down to Tijuana back in the 80s. I guess I was 8 or 9 at the time. She brought back a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Mickey had a small bandito mustache and appeared to be gesturing that he was numero uno. Until my dad noticed that Mickey wasn't using his first finger. Oops.


Vonster said...


LOL That is too funny.


RobSchwager said...

well, i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John said...

Von,very nice, have you tried working a Wacom Cintiq into your illustrative process yet?

Jeff Bronstein said...

So did you ask Robert Armstrong's permission first, before you did this (and sold it!) - or Disney's, for that matter.

I'm sure you can say this is a parody of the original Mickey Rat, which was a parody of Mickey Mouse - but for the guy who complains about people taking his artwork and making changes, then posting it as their own - I'm curious to hear your argument as to why this is acceptable to you.

Vonster said...


I didn't need Robert Armstrong's permission to do my own take of "Mickey Rat."

I didn't lift his art or for that matter style mine like his, hence it's my own take on the same character. It's fan art if you will.

I should point out that a very nice lady by the name of Loren Newkirk sent me a hand written letter introducing herself to me. She's a friend of Robert Armstrong and saw this work and liked it.

She has written a satirical musical based on Chester Crill's work with Armstrong. She even gave me a CD of the music.

So someone close to the vest in regards to the original creator admires it for what it is, another subversive take on a corporate rat.

Vera said...

Hello. Loren Newkirk is a man. Here is HIS IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0627930/. HE is my father. He wrote a musical called "Mickey Rat" with Morgan Cavett: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1049629/.