Jan 23, 2009

Chickening Out

Existing Tyson logo.

I've talked about agency work before and how it can be very fickle. That said I still have a lot of fun working on a variety of projects even when some of those projects never see the the light of day publicly or not.

Such was the case on this project I was hired to work on for Tyson. The agency wanted me to design a branded mark that played off the equity of Tyson's primary brand shown above.

Tyson True logo.

Everything on this project went pretty smoothly and I delivered the goods only to find out months later that a new brand manager came on board at Tyson and killed the whole project, so once again my work won't be gracing grocery store aisles anytime soon.

Bevel detailing.

This logo seems relatively easy but in fact it took a lot of time to finesse the details. The typeface I had to build the beveling manually. It was kind of fun and reminded me of air brushing chrome back in the glory days of art school.

Tyson True mark detailing.

I'm not a huge fan of the whole web 2.0 glassy look but some times it's appropriate for a given project and in this case the agency requested this visual aesthetic. I like how it came out and was able to avoid the ever dreaded lens flare and hot spot common in this now over done genre.

So even though this work will never be used to push a new chicken product it was still a fun gig to work on even though Tyson chickened out on it.


Cameron Smith said...

This is NICE! Love the bevel work and the choice of typeface, the Y is super cool. Great work!

Paul said...

I love the look of the new design. It really emphasises class.

The 'Y' is a really interesting touch.

JKernica said...

Classy and clean—that is how I like my chicken! Nice work.

Juggling Jason said...

That is some sweet type!

Janet said...

What a bummer. Did they ditch the project completely or did they end up using a different design?