Dec 18, 2008

Illustrator CS4 How-To Guides

"Loyal Order of Wormwood" Adobe How-To Guide.

As some of you may know I designed promotional art for Adobe CS4 Illustrator called "Loyal Order of Wormwood." Along with that project I also put together a "How-To Guide" for them as well which Adobe has now posted on their web site so I have posted the same blurb below which gives you access to same content and a little bit more. But be sure to check out Adobes page to view other cool promotional art created for CS4.

Promotional Art for Adobe CS4 Illustrator "Loyal Order of Wormwood."

Loyal Order of Wormwood
by Von Glitschka, Glitschka Studios

His inspiration for "Loyal Order of Wormwood": "I never know when or where inspiration will come. Most often it's captured initially via a simple doodle. Then at a later point in time I take that doodle and flesh it out into a refined sketch. Once my drawing is exactly the way I like it, I simply scan it in and start building my vector art."

Read the how-to guide
Download the Illustrator CS4 file
Download Missing "Step by Step" Tutorial

Adobe copyright © and usage limitations of this art are clearly stated within download files.


Creative Crafter UK said...

Your work is amazing!
I'm still getting to grips with CS3, but when my knowledge of the software increases I can see how advantageous CS4 would be by your excellent tutorial.

Loving your artwork!

mckibillo said...

Great work Von! Just found your blog (maybe from LCVS? not sure)... great stuff all around. And the Adobe page with the other tutorials on it is a great resource and very inspiring. I'm jazzed to try out the new blob brush.