Dec 11, 2008

Fa La La La Lifetime - Take II

'Fa La La La Lifetime Seasonal Branding'

Last Christmas Lifetime Television hired me to create a seasonal brand for their holiday promotions. The promotion proved to be so successful they've decided to use it again this year even more prominently than they did last season and I suppose they have good reasons to do so.

'Fa La La La Lifetime Bug'

The logotype is also being used as a bug during seasonal programming along with the TV spots they are advertising for the Christmas promotion. It's kind of strange seeing your work on TV, don't get me wrong I think it's very cool but it's also kind of surreal in a way too. I suppose the ultimate would be to develop a character for a TV production, now that would be a kick in the head!

'New TV Spot.' Click image or here to watch video.

Last year the in house creatives at Lifetime added a wonky bevel effect to my logo type. This year they left it alone and I like it better. The above link is a truncated video to just showcase the "Fa La La La Lifetime" logotype. If you'd like to watch a full-length spot to see my work in context click here. (6.6MB)

For some reason on this TV spot they left off the ornament? Not sure if that was on purpose or if someone forgot to click something when editing? In any regard I hope this promotion proves to be as successful as last year.


Kim said...

Von! I'm impressed! I knew you were very talented, but I had no idea you were so famous! (haha!) You come across very down-to-earth on the Freelance Switch podcast. :o)

Have a great day!

Louis said...

That's really cool! Too bad you couldn't get royalties every year they use it. LOL

girlingear said...

I saw this a few weeks ago while watching a movie on Lifetime and commented to my husband, "That looks like Von Glitschka's work." I was right! Very cool work, as always.

ArtbyAndy said...

That is way cool. Enjoy it along with the season!

Barsha said...

This font is really cool.
The video is just awesome, thanks for this post.

Vonster said...


Actually it's not a font. I hand lettered it and build it myself. It's complete custom.


Barsha said...

You did it by hand?
Its really awesome.

Vonster said...


I documented the whole process and will have a tutorial up at soon featuring this project.


stewartdesign said...

I didn't even know you did this logo, but when I just now saw it on TV, I said to my husband, "That looks like a logo Von would've done." So I googled it and, lo and behold, I was right!

You've got a wonderful, characteristic style. I love the little flips of the letters. Nice work!