Dec 24, 2008

Cool Crud Texture Set

"Cool Crud Texture Set" 35 Royalty-Free Textures.

What can I say other then I love taking photos of cruddy surfaces. Nothing is more fun then making your art look like crap with cool distressed real world textures. Why use a lame pull-down menu Photoshop algorithm to simulate an organic touch when you can do it using authentic textures created by the second law of thermal dynamics instead? Real is always better!

Each texture comes with the full-color source photo.

If you don't like the way I created the PSD file or the bitmap tiff file no worries. You can create your own versions using the original source photo. So the possibilities are truly endless for your creative needs.

Texture number "CC_12".

I collected the textures in this set over the last eight months or so while traveling in Oregon and Washington.

Texture number "CC_35".

The best things about textures is they never go out of style unlike other resources such as fonts, stock art or even photography. A texture that looks cool now will still look cool 50 years from now.

All "35" Textures in set.

This set is royalty-free. Just buy it, download it and you can use these textures on any personal or professional illustration or design project you want. the only limitation is please don't distribute them to others who haven't purchased them. I purposely priced these so anyone can afford them so encourage others to visit this site and get their own copy. I thank you in advance for honoring this simple request.

That said I've set Paypal up so you can order more then one copy if you want to pass them along to a friend.

Source File Specifications.
Each Texture Includes the following formats for each of the "35" textures.

- Original Source Photo (Hi-Resolution RGB jpeg, 10x15 inches @ 315 ppi)
- Layered Grayscale PSD File (Hi-Resolution, 10x15 inches @ 315 ppi)
- Bitmap Tiff Image (Hi-Resolution, 10x15 inches @ 300 ppi)

(All PSD Files are CS4 but will still open in CS3 or CS2 without any problems.)

Try it before you buy it!
You can download a sample texture including all the formats listed above and take them for a test drive here.

No-Brainer Ordering and Download.
The entire set is just $6.95. Order using the Paypal button below. Once you click through Paypal, you'll be automatically forwarded to a download page. If you have any questions just post them in the comments below and I'll respond to each accordingly.

You can see another texture set of mine called "Old World" here.

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