Oct 6, 2008

Scary Palin?

Scary Palin Poster for Art Show. (Click image to download poster.)

I don't go out of my way to do a lot of politically motivated art. Frankly I think it's a lot of hot air and relatively pointless. I suppose it's a good creative vent for some and I guess that would be the case in point with this art?

So when I was asked by "Start Soma" to participate in their new "Propaganda" show I was intrigued. You see the focus of this new show will be centered around "Sarah Palin."

I would guess that most of the submissions will be negative, but to be completely honest I like her. Do I agree with everything she says? No. Then again I don't agree with everything my best friend says either so nothing strange about that.

I find it kind of humorous that so many are seemingly scared of her for many reasons and they love to rant on and on about it. That's fine, our freedom gives us that option.

I look at Sarah Palin and see a beautiful normal lady that has pursued politics locally in order to change it, not to merely gain power like so many other politicians. The fact she's been so successful seems to scare many people, so I decided to play off of that.

If you had never seen her and just read some of the articles written about her you'd almost want to picture a monster, not a beautiful woman. So I found that to be somewhat of a visual irony of sorts as well. So rather than force feeding my own pointless rant I left the interpretation up to the viewer to decide.

PS: If you'd like to see my previous submission to the last propaganda show click here.


granata said...

Well golly! She's just so cute! I really like the reflections in her eyes.

Tanya said...

I appreciate your honesty, although she is a bit scary heehee.

I'm sure someone will pick apart your post...perhaps picking apart your own words. For some reason kind words toward her causes otherwise normally sane people to become deranged...

Sherry Rogers said...

I like her too. . .thanks for the positive post!

moverlow said...

Von, I like her too. I find it very difficult a lot of times to be a more conservative leaning person in this crazy business we're in. The fact that I go to Church every Sunday with my wife of 18 years and my beautiful children scares the hell out of staff. (Pun sort of intended) Very nice work as always. BTW - read your short stories - great stuff.

Anonymous said...

I like Palin too. I actually find her to be a breath of fresh air. You know it's funny most people complain about the sterotypical windbag politicians but then when you get this seemingly down to earth woman in to shake things up people go on about how scary or simple she is. I say it's about time we had a change like Palin. Her so called lack of experience is what makes her so appealing. If she had more years in at Washington she'd be just another polished, plastic, promise everything, do nothing politician.

Better be prepared for numerous comments on this one. You mention politics and watch the flood gates open.

Krista said...

In an age where offices and extended families have banned political talk out of fear of a full-blown gang war breaking out, its refreshing to see a logical, honest and positive message about politics.

It is our freedom and right to speak our opinions, but let us remember what got us that right was the ability to look at a variety of ideas and debate them effectively so the best solution becomes evident.

Always look forward to your blogs! Excellent job, as usual!

echomrg said...

i won't go into the more political aspect of this discussion since it would be quite pointless.

but a interesting discussion would be about the fact that *everyone* that talks about her, saying good things or bad things, seems unable to not sexualize her. she's not a woman, she's a "beautyful normal lady". she's not a woman, she's "a beautyful woman".

the first word you use to define her is "beautiful". not "prepared" nor "experienced" nor "intelligent".


would her have been ugly your opinion would have been different? does that makes her more qualified for the place she wants to cover? is that even slightly significant to determine if she's suitable for vice-presidency?

why is the fact that she's good looking so important?

(forgive me if i sound a little too harsh, but i come from a country where a woman who used to pose nude for calendars is now a minister and has passed a law that makes prostitution illegal in public places because she can't stand "women who commercialize their bodies")


Vonster said...


First off it's "Beautiful" not "Beautyful".

And no it wouldn't make a difference if I didn't think she was beautiful.

I never thought Margaret Thatcher was a "Looker" but I still say she was a beautiful woman too.

You're the one pouring your own narrow meaning of the word "beauty" into this context. I think beauty goes beyond the outward appearance.

I judge Sarah Palin on her track record in Alaska. She cleaned house even when it was her own party in the crosshairs. She sees a problem and sets out to fix it. I suppose that is why she has an 80%+ approval rating, she is good at leading regardless of her looks.

echomrg said...

damn! sooner or later i'll have the word "Beautiful" tattooed on the back of my hand.

i get what you want to say about the meaning of beauty. and if you judge her on her work i obviously have nothing to say.

the problem is that the general public (especially in the media) doesn't go so deep. and with general public i mean both supporters and detractors.

the fact that it happens much less for the other candidates, especially males (hillary clinton was often judged on her looks), that looks anomalous to me and "tickles" my curiosity.

i didn't mean that since she looks good she's vain and empty. i totally disagree on most her positions (well, at least on what i manage to get from italy) and i think she's too inexperienced for the position, but that has nothing to do with her looks.


p.s. i still have some doubts that the first work that would come to your mind about Margaret Thatcher is "beautiful" ;)

Vonster said...

Someone can be a knock out in the looks category but not very beautiful because of their character.

Thatcher had standard issue British teeth, nothing gorgeous about that. It was here overall character that made her beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Austin Powers had bad teeth too and he was beautiful...yeah baby!

Austin Danger Powers For President!

Anonymous said...

I I knew you were a Republican I would not have wasted my time reading this blog.

Vonster said...


I am glad you stand behind your convictions by posting with a nebulous screen name.

Contrary to your assumptions though I am a registered independent, not a Republican. So you're wrong.