Oct 29, 2008

Evil Clown

Evil Clown Illustration. "Tickles The Clown" (Click image to view larger)

I've been invited to speak in Ohio. Never have been to Ohio, but I am looking forward to it. I get to hang out with my art rep Scott Hull and hook up with my books publisher too.

To help promote the event they asked me to design a poster. They left the content up to me so of course I gravitated towards something practical, an "Evil Clown."

I'd been wanting to illustrate a doodle I had done of this back in February but just now got around to it. I've decided to name this character "Tickles The Clown." You know, you'll laugh so hard you'll cry, which is "Tickles" real motive after all since he is an evil clown.

Event promotional poster.

The one and only clown I ever enjoyed was "J.P. Patches" he did a local TV show out of Seattle when I was a kid and along with "Captain Kangaroo" he entertained me with all matter of witty banter.

As I got older however I ran into other clowns who I didn't find fun at all. Frankly speaking they more or less creeped me out or just flat out scared the crap out of me. I've always wondered who was the first person to dress up like a clown and whether or not he/she got beat up? LOL

"Tickles The Clown" iPhone Wall Paper.

Just in time for Halloween I have an iPhone Wallpaper version. Just nab the image above and drag it to your desktop and it's ready to load on to your iPhone. For other iPhone wallpaper check out my links in the right hand side of this site or visit my good friend Paul Howalt site www.ipodpaper.com where you can download a ton of cool iPhone wallpaper as well.


Joey said...

Awesome work as usual!

Re the iPhone wallpaper, you can also just navigate to the site in MobileSafari, press and hold your finger on the background, and save it straight to iphone.

Vonster said...


Yeah you can do that but the image will degrade. Something Apple built in is an automated compression on the iPhone. I find images loaded via iPhoto look better then ones done through the iPhone via Safari.



Andrew said...


I've got to say this is one of my more favorite if not favorite 'mirror' pieces you've ever created. I has great depth and the viewing angle is frightingly perfect! And who can argue with flaming red hair? I could stare at it for hours. It's truly a 'carnival for the eyes' Thanks for sharing this amazing work.

Jeremy Brooks said...


How do you manage to achieve such a smooth transition between the colors of your gradients? Are you using the gradient mesh tool? If you're still making tutorials from time to time, I would love to see one about your coloring techniques. This appears to be all vector, am I right? It's amazing as always.



Design Roach said...

Really great poster. I love the typeface you used for "Von Glitschka". What font is that?

Vonster said...


The type face for "Von Glitschka" is called "Tideway Script" by Letterhead Fonts.


Greg Epkes said...

Very slick Von! Have fun in Ohio.

Cameron Braun said...

I'll be attending this event, and I'm really looking forward to it. Can't wait to learn from one of the best!


cool !
great poster !