Oct 21, 2008

European Small Business

Build Your Guitar Logo.

The internet is a fascinating thing. I've had a blast sharing my art and meeting people all across the globe. It truly is amazing.

Recently I was contacted by a gentleman in Austria who creates custom built guitars and has started a business to teach others how to build there own guitar.

He had seen some character based logos I had done and wanted the same type of approach for his small business identity. The personality I developed was a fun, approachable character mark.

Secondary Build Your Guitar Logo.

I like to give my clients two format options for their logos. It helps them to use it in multiple contexts easier than one size fits all.

By now you've probably noticed Gill Sans, the typeface I decided to use. I don't think I've used that typeface in over 14 years. It's not my favorite typeface but I thought it fit this project well and matched the art style. The client loved logo and the type.

Concept Marks.

As I created this mark all kinds of fun concepts came to mind so I decided to provide my client with a component system that he could use for secondary brand graphics. Clever slogans the character is speaking. Note the speaking bubble itself is in the shape of a guitar pick.

Potential for T-Shirts.

To help my clients see how they can use their new mark I like to show them application samples such as this t-shirt design.

All in all it was a fun project to work on. It didn't have a huge budget since it was a new small business owner but it's nice to know he has a good foundation to build upon now identity wise.


RobMc said...

great character. Nice touch with the word balloon shape being a pick.

Ben said...

Quirky, fun, with a touch of "Schoolhouse Rock" vibe. My only criticism would be that I don't think the design will "age" well.

Vincent Robleto said...

Love it, it's fun and happy.

Reena said...

wow, very well thought out. I like that you even thought about a potential marketing spin with the guitar and the speaking bubble.