Oct 23, 2008

Drip.Dot.Swirl - Pre-Order!

"Drip.Dot.Swirl. 94 incredible patterns for design and illustration."

My pattern book is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

As the title states the book features "94" unique patterns. Each of the patterns is tileable, so you can fill any size space needed seamlessly. The patterns are fully customizable too, meaning you'll be able to adapt them to your own projects by changing colors, simplifying the content or combining more then one to create additional options.

"FREE Bonus Set of "12" Patterns for those who order the book."

Pattern names for each in order from left to right.
- Funkus
- Willamette
- Single Cell
- Grate Expectations
- PinWheel
- Alyssa Joy
- Synapse
- Windoze
- Latte Java
- Darjeeling
- Techno Shard
- Scorn Thistle

No-Brainer Deal.

The books DVD will also contain an additional "12" patterns not featured in the book and if that wasn't enough I am also offering a bonus set (shown above) for anyone who pre-orders the book! So when it's all said and done that is a total of 118 different patterns.

How to get the FREE bonus set.

To qualify and receive the FREE bonus set of patterns shown above just follow the following steps.

1. Visit Amazon.com and pre-order the book. Click here.

2. Make a copy of your Amazon.com pre-order receipt and email it to: info@glitschka.com

3. Once my book is released on or around May 2009 I'll email out a link where you can download the FREE bonus pattern set.

Tiled Patterns Demonstrated.

"Magic Beans" Pattern.

"Psychotronic" Pattern.

"Retrograde" Pattern.

"Grate Expectations" Pattern.

"Crystalyn" Pattern.

"Synapse" Pattern.

Download "3" Sample Pattern Tiles

"Solaris" FREE Download Sample Pattern.

"Spiro" FREE Download Sample Pattern.

"Chaos" FREE Download Sample Pattern.

Sample pattern download includes both CS2 and CS3 Ai Files.
Download sample pattern files.

Download additional sample patterns and preview book spreads at www.Vonsterbooks.com


Blue Dog Art said...

Looks AWESOME! I can't wait to get my hands on the new book!

Jean-Claude Tremblay said...

Hi Von...
This pattern book look fantastic.. I can easily see it evolve into a series. But wait... available in May 2009! Not sure I can wait until then. ;-) Seriously, this look very professionally done , like anything you do by the way.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed the texture book so I'm ordering this one too. Good job, Von! -mrsbrak

Chris Rusnak said...

It will be well worth the wait! Von's first texture book is great!