Oct 9, 2008

The Big "O"

Barack Obama. (Click image to download poster.)

My good friend Paul Howalt runs a cool web site called iPodPaper.com and since I gave him the Sarah Palin artwork to post on his site as free wallpaper, I decided to illustrate the big "O" as well.

Even though I am not voting for Barack Obama it was still fun creating the artwork none the less.

I had used FreeHand for 15 years and I have to admit Illustrator absolutely smokes FreeHand in terms of detailing. The core building of shapes was far superior in FreeHand and Ai still lacks in that area even with CS4, but you'd be hard pressed to do this type of detailing in FreeHand with the same ease as Ai provides. It's just fun.

Obama "Head of State" T-Shirt

Wear the "Big O" talking head tee at your next political fundraiser. A must have for any international diplomat wanting to appear hipper they they really are. And just in time for the inauguration. Get the full presidential briefing on this design hear.

iPod wallpaper version.

Be sure to download the big "O" poster using this link.


Ben Leivian said...

Nice Von! I'm a big fan of your work. Currently stalking you via twitter.

Andy Rudkin said...

Nice work my friend... well you'd expect nothing less!

RobMc said...

So illustrator is slowly winning you over.
Nice illo Von.

George said...

Love the style! You've really captured him, ears and all.

Bryan said...

Looks great. I'd love to see an Illustration Class piece on this to show how you did some of the fine detail work you're talking about.

Vonster said...


I documented the process so I will be posting a tutorial either on www.illustrationclass.com or it'll be offered by www.vectortuts.com. Either way it'll go over the gradient methods.


thevisualscience said...

Great blog and loving your illustration class website! I'll have to give you a shout out on my blog thevisualscience.com

Keep up the great work!

gez said...

After several years using illustrator for my illustration and design work, I changed to Inkscape. It's free software under development and there are some design features missing, but for illustration I found it to be more than capable. I'm using a development version now (0.47svn) and I'm amazed.
I'm watching your illustration works and I imagine how painful illustrator can be when it comes to create those complex works (the Adobe poster, for instance). Making the same illustration with inkscape (once you get used to its tools) would be amazingly faster.
You should take a look on it, if you didn't yet.

Andrew said...

So I guess when you say 'detailing', you're referring to Illustrator's gradient meshes?

I was/am long time Freehand illustrator as well.


Vonster said...


Nope. Never use the "Gradient Mesh" tool, it's a bag of hurt. LOL But if you can wait until 10/22/08 there will be a tutorial of this illustration posted at http://www.vectortuts.com and that'll go through each stage of it's creation from concept to completion.