Aug 26, 2008

Oregon Exposure

An original set of textures by Dickie Adams.

My fellow panelist on the "freelance radio" podcast is an avid photographer and during his most recent trip to the Oregon coast he shot some cool textures.

Knowing that I am into textures he sent me his pictures and allowed me to create this set and offer it as a free download. Thank you Dickie!

It's said the perfect number is "7" and that's how many textures you get.

Source File Specifications.
Each Texture Includes the following formats for each of the "7" textures.

- Source Photo (Hi-Resolution RGB jpeg)
- Layered Grayscale PSD File (Hi-Resolution, 10x15 inches @ 315 ppi)
- Bitmap Tiff Image (Hi-Resolution, 10x15 inches @ 300 ppi)

Download Oregon Exposure Texture Set. (File Size: 187MB)


Zacharie LeBar said...

cool stuff von & dickie. thanks. you can never have too many textures.

Jeremy Caudle said...

Thank you both for spending time on these. I can't wait to try them out.

Mick Jones said...

Thank you to both of you! Very nice textures.

dickie said...

Be sure to leave us a note to see what you've done with them!