Aug 27, 2008

I can't skate.

"Eastern Prowl" and "Scorcher" Board Designs.

A little over a year ago a company by the name of contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to let them create an online store on their site using my artwork. I originally told them I didn't have time to set it up and they actually said they'd do it for me. So I pulled together a bunch of artwork from my archives and sent them what they needed.

Over the past year I've worked on several projects for them and I've been impressed with how they've grown their business and expanded their services. I've ordered custom designed products from them and I've been really impressed with the quality. offers a wide variety of various products you can customize like tees, shoes, bags, stickers, ties, posters and now the newest member in their arsenal of offerings is skate boards.

"Tribal Splash" and "Grinder" Board Designs.

So when contacted me to pull together some skate board designs to help them kick-off their new product offering I was happy to help out. The timeline was truncated so I just dusted off some archived work and re-formatted and enhanced it for these board graphics.

Repurposing is OK, but I always prefer to create new work but unfortunately that won't happen in two days. If you read this blog frequently you'll notice I have repurposed the skull art once again for a board graphic. That is the third repurpose this month of that art and now I have to enforce a self-imposed creative moratorium preventing any further usage of that art. It's off limits. (I apologize for my creative bad habit)

List of all the skate board graphics I created:
- Eastern Prowl
- Scorcher
- Tribal Splash
- Grinder
- Ultimate Bonehead
- Serpent
- Lionheart

When I have some free time I plan on creating some completely original art for this new product offering. Even though I don't skate board and my motor skills in that regard are about as well honed as a small neck clam, I find the subject matter and genre one of the best to design for. Anything goes.


Dyna said...

First the custom Keds, now skateboards... Zazzle is getting a lot of chatter on the internet lately.

That tiger is fantastic... love the "panther tattoo" pose.

Theophilus Apparel said...

Nice decks! I like the tiger.