Aug 4, 2008

Drip.Dot.Swirl - Pattern Book!

"Drip.Dot.Swirl. 94 incredible patterns for design and illustration."

For that past 14 months I've been working on my next book called "Drip.Dot.Swirl" which is a book of illustrated patterns. This book will come with a DVD like my texture book that contains all "94" illustrative patterns on it in vector format. Each pattern has three color options so that's a grand total of "282" variations to choose from.

"9" of the "94" patterns in the book.

Each of the patterns is tileable, so you fill any size space needed seamlessly. The patterns are fully customizable too, meaning you'll be able to adapt them to your own projects by changing colors, simplifying the content or combining more then one to create additional options.

Pattern names for each in order from left to right.
- Rosetta
- Vindaloo
- Frillicious
- Boogie Pop
- Psychotronic
- Dragon Hide
- Magic Beans
- Hypnotica
- Palatium

Shoe design using my "Greener" pattern. (For more info click image)

The folks over at just launched a cool new service where you can design your own shoes. At the time of this post it's only women's shoes but I decided to give a few of my patterns a test drive.

Shoe design using my "Off-Set Camo" pattern. (For more info click image)

In the process of putting this book together I did a lot of reading about the art of math which in essence is captured in patterns. A college professor who specializes in pattern art and the math behind it explained to me that there is only "14" types of patterns. I'll take his word for it.

Shoe design using my "Protozoa" pattern. (For more info click image)

Everyone who orders the book will receive a bonus set of patterns not included with the books DVD that I am creating now.

The book will hit the shelves in March of 2009. If you'd like to be notified when this book is available for pre-order you can email me to be added to my book list and I'll notify you when it's available via Send your request to:


Zacharie LeBar said...

very cool stuff von. i didn't know there were only 14 types of patterns. i guess you covered them all in this book. :) i was wondering, does the book discuss creating your own patterns from scratch as well, or just simply describing the ones you've created here?

oh...and I really hope zazzle starts making men's size shoes. it'd be so cool to have a custom designed shoe that I designed!

thanks again for all the stuff you do. i'm a huge fan.

Vonster said...

There are "14" types of patterns and my book covers a lot of those types but deals with square tile shapes only. There are other "Tessellations" that work from shapes other than a square but AI doesn't support that.

The book isn't a HOW TO book. There is PDF's on the DVD that walk someone through using the patterns and customizing them though.

That said when I get the web site up for the book I'll offer a free download that explains how to create your own. If you email me I can send you an image that visuall explains it. It's not a hard as one may think.


Madphill said...

Congrats, buddy! They look great. You've done it again and I'm sure I will be seeing this book at my place of business come March.

*we have crackle... and it gets lots of action.

Patricia said...

Can't wait to see it!

Chickengirl said...

WOW. Very cool, Vonster. A great follow up to your textures book.

Vectors love!!!

Darcy Hinrichs said...

Based on my email awhile back regarding tiled patterns, I am so excited about this book and can't wait to get my hands on a copy! These look awesome, Von!

Tom Parsons said...

Nice book Von.
Gonna have to add that one to my library next to Crumble.
Hope all is well!

Mauricio Cosío said...

Von, it looks AWESOME!!! Congratulations, man!