Aug 31, 2008

A Design Experiment.

Actual shirt used in my design experiment.

A few years ago when I was in the middle of developing my texture book I thought of an idea. I liked how traditional t-shirt design wear out over time so I asked a friend who worked at a local screen printer if they could simply print a rectangle on a shirt for me. The shirt could be a scrap shirt but I wanted it to be a dark color and the ink printed to be white.

I gave the shirt to my wife and told her every time she did the laundry I wanted her to include this shirt in the wash. She thought it was kind of dumb washing something that wasn't dirty. (She's practical) I assured her there was a reason and reminded her to just keep doing it and periodically I'd check it to see how it was degrading over time. Well it's been a little over two years now and the shirt has that wonderful natural distressed look.

Close-Up of finalized texture file.

All I had to do is scan the shirt in and using the same Photoshop actions I set up for my book I created the final texture file I can now use in a design or illustration project. Even though my wife thought it was a waste of time I assured her it ended up looking even better than I had hoped.

It only took two years to accomplish this design experiment, but good things come to those who wait. I hope you enjoy using this texture in your own design and illustraiton projects.

"Well Worn" Texture File Specifications.
The following formats are included in this download.

- Layered Grayscale PSD File (Hi-Resolution, 10x15 inches @ 315 ppi)
- Bitmap Tiff Image (Hi-Resolution, 10x15 inches @ 300 ppi)

Download "Well Worn" Texture Files. (File Size: 10.7MB)


echomrg said...

This should *absolutely* be submitted to, it's got a really amazing texture!


Greg Gunther said...

Thanks Von,

I am downloading it to use in some illustrations.

Sam Ee said...

This is awesome. You should keep doing this and have different grades of degradation like "2 years", "3 years", "10 years".

Marissa said...

Yipes! I love it.

Blue Dog Art said...

This is great! Kudos to your wife for helping.