Jul 23, 2008

FREE iPhone Wallpaper - Set 3

'Lion Heart.'

It's time again to post some new iPhone wallpapers to enhance your 3G enjoyment.

'Thug Bunny - Option 1.'

Granted this is a small offering but more will arrive soon enough.

'Thug Bunny - Option 2.'

If you haven't downloaded my previous wallpaper designs you can access them via the links show on the right hand side of this blog. There are over "30" designs in all. If by chance you don't use an iPhone then you can also find my art on Start Mobile also linked in the side bar.

'Thai Beauty.'

Add some Thai spice to your iPhone GUI.

'Ultimate Bonehead.'

Don't be a bonehead and pass up on this no-brainer download.

Get this set of '5' images here: Download Vonster Brand iPhone Wallpaper


joe said...

I really like that rabbit. The light background rather than the colored.
He's pretty cool looking. :)

rezanew said...

Very cute Iphone wallpapers, If you want I myself created some here:
HD Wallpapers

hanum said...

nice wallpaper, thank's for sharing ;)

Sweet Fairy said...

These are so beautiful. I'd like to download these for my iPhone for free. If you allow me. Thanks for sharing. en ucuz iphone