Jun 7, 2008

Thank You Ray!

Lounja Logo

Have you ever had a client that requested everything but the kitchen sink in their logo? Well that was the specific challenge I faced with this project. Lounja is a new start up venture that will have a variety of key attributes related to it's business model.

- Smoothies
- Food
- Global Conscience
- Environmental / Organic
- Spiritual
- Health
- Passion

Some how I had to work all of these attributes into the mark, at least that was the clients request after they shot down my first round of ideas. So how do you pull that off? Easy! You just revert to Hindu lore and use the "Kali Method."

Scene from "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad"

My logo solution spins off of the Hindu goddess "Kali" who had six arms. I remember first seeing this character when I was a kid attending a Saturday matinee of "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad." Prior to CGI the end all when it came to special effects was the legendary Ray Harryhausen and the Sinbad movies were his magnum opus!

Kali came to life on the big screen as I watched in delight eating Hot Tamales and visually absorbing the six armed creature before me. Little did I know this brief interlude from my childhood would help me 30+ years later.

Lounja business card design.

So having six arms allowed me to easily work into the mark the laundry list of attributes the client requested without it becoming a design killer.

I always like to work die cuts into my identity work. This helps to move them away from the standard shape context they'll compete with in the marketplace. The background element proved to be a very useful motif I could exploit for this application of the mark.

You never know where inspiration will ultimately come from or how long it'll take to


Janet said...

Wow, great solution to a nearly impossible request!

Do you use an online printer? If so, may I ask who? I have trouble finding one to do die cuts.

Vonster said...


Disclaimer: The printer I am going suggest has a pretty ugly web site and from that stand point it won't impress anyone who values good design. Hopefully at some point they'll let me re-brand them but all my efforts to convince them so far has gone no where. But that said they do great printing regardless.

I use a print vendor out of Texas called "Copy Craft Printers" I like them because they use 300 LPI and to set up a custom die cut is around $90 and once done on future print runs you can re-use it.

Find them at: http://www.copycraft.com/von


[aLeXa] said...

stumbling as always.. i find your blog..a very cool one! love your lucious design jaja ..
im a design student from mexico and its cool to look around and get some fresh ideas...
i´ll be visiting your site ..:)

lexigeek said...

One of the best examples I've ever seen of combining a ridiculous number of ideas into one cohesive logo was the case study in Gergory Thomas' "How to Design Logos, Symbols and Icons" about the Presbyterian Church logo. (See the logo here: http://home.sanbrunocable.com/~dwales101/dk_blue_red_logo.gif)

The logo actually incorporates 8 separate symbols, but I think it works together as a unified whole.

Vonster said...


I agree that one is a classic!


RobSchwager said...

Golden Voyage is one of my fav movies EVER......

Burning said...

Kali is traditionally depicted as either having four arms or ten arms (when the latter she's referred to as Mahakali). The six-armed Kali was an invention of Harryhausen - a compromise, I suppose, but as disrespectful to the religion as Kali making that "Oh no you di'nt!" head movement when she comes to life.