Jun 19, 2008

Old World Texture Set.

"Old World Texture Set" 30 Royalty-Free Textures.

In February I traveled to Europe, Israel and Jordan. While there I took over 2,000 pictures. This texture set consists of "30" real-world surface textures derived from actual on site locations I visited. While many were looking at famous historical landmarks I was looking at the nice textures embracing such locations and capturing them to create this set.

Each texture comes with the full-color source photo.

This set is royalty-free. Just buy it, download it and you can use these textures on any personal or professional illustration or design project you want.

All "30" Textures in set.

Source File Specifications.
Each Texture Includes the following formats for each of the "30" textures.

- Source Photo (Hi-Resolution RGB jpeg, 10x15 inches @ 315 ppi)
- Layered Grayscale PSD File (Hi-Resolution, 10x15 inches @ 315 ppi)
- Bitmap Tiff Image (Hi-Resolution, 10x15 inches @ 300 ppi)

Try it before you buy it!
You can download a sample texture including all the formats listed above and take them for a test drive here.

No-Brainer Ordering and Download.
The entire set is just $9.95. Order using the Paypal button below. Once you click through Paypal you'll be automatically forwarded to a download page. If you have any questions just post them in the comments below and I'll respond to each accordingly.

You can see other textures of mine at Texturebook.com


Peter Marquardt said...

I'm not sure why you put 30 in quotes but it makes me wonder if they're really 30 or maybe just 15 in different versions. I'd also love to see a small 6x5 grid with all of them so I can judge if I want to spare 10 bucks of my money that would otherwise flow towards survival of a student :)

poor student

Vonster said...

Fear not poor student! "30" means "30" not "15." Each of the "30" textures comes in the three listed formats so I could have been a weasel and said "90" but that would be lame.

I'll post a small preview of all of them though.


Peter Marquardt said...

I shall send money your way in exchange for the "30" textures as seen in your truly convincing array of thumbnails. You have regained my faith.

poorer but happier student

thomas said...

Hi Vonster

These textures look stunning, but I am a little afraid to buy 'em... You see I bought your texture book as well, but damn I am having problem with those .tiff files. In Apples native image viewer they look like nice textures but in Photoshop they are 2 color bitmaps. I have tried to convert the images to grayscale, rgb etc.. no luck. In order to see what I mean feel free to visit this image:
Thanks for your time

Vonster said...


I can only deduce a few reasons why you're having problems based on the post shown above.

1. You didn't explore the DVD on the book well enough.
2. You didn't buy the book so you don't have the DVD just some of the textures.
3. You don't know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator very well.

I am not sure which?

You're correct in that an app like "Preview" or the "Quick Look" feature on a MAC will show bitmap tiffs in an anti alias fashion. But that said you shouldn't be converting the bitmap tiffs from the book DVD to grayscale because I provide both for each texture.

Examples shown below can be found on the books DVD at:
DVD/1 Textures in Book/3

Monumental Decay Texture
This textures bitmap file shown at 1x1 ratio.

This textures grayscale file shown at exact same 1x1 ratio.

This shows where these exact files are on book DVD.

I've dumbed down the process as much as possible for the end user with the book without turning it into a "HOW TO" book which I state isn't the books purpose. It assumes the buyer is a professional and doesn't need their hand held through the creative process. So the book might not be a great fit for noobs.

That said I provided both Photoshop examples and an Illustrator example on the DVD to show how to use them. Not only that but they are the exact files used to produce the same art that is shown in the book so you can compare final printed quality as well.

How to Use Textures
Path: DVD/4 How To Use Textures/

So I suggest you take the time to explore the books DVD and it will provide what you're trying to do the wrong way. The new "Old World" textures come with everything the book textures have plus they include the full color source picture too which my book didn't.

Hope that explains it.


Norm said...

Wow, I was a fan, but you probably could have answered him a little better. your post comes across kind of prickish & his was more of a confused inquiry.

If he stole the book, it is one thing. but if someone bought it for him, or maybe he though he could handle it, even though he isn't the seasoned professional that you appear to be.

A little tact goes a long way. Especially when you are selling stuff to the general public. 1 good referral might get you another. 1 bad referral will turn into 10.

good luck!

Vonster said...


You're apparently reading into my post your own tense and mood. I answered all his questions and can only glean so much from a truncated posted in terms of determining why he can't figure out how to use them.

I took the time to walk him through the difference between a bitmap tiff and a grayscale image. He prefers the latter but was trying to use the former and not understanding why he wasn't getting what he saw in preview when he viewed the bitmaps.

It's a carnival of errors really. Preview can't display bitmaps well. He didn't use the grayscale version provided on the DVD he grabbed the bitmap.

Regardless if he stole the book or someone gave it to him the DVD has everything he needs including samples that he can deconstruct and see how to use them both in PSD and AI. I just don't think he did his homework.

Not sure how else I could have worded it to avoid coming off "prickish" as you stated. I was only responding to the information provided.

I doubt my track record would support that comment. I always try to go out of my way to help others.


Anonymous said...

Hell its his own fault for not testing out the product before asking for help. Just because it may take time and effort doesn't mean someone else should hold your hand through it. You don't get the track record and the skills like Von without effort. Keep up the awesome work!


These Texture Sets you Put together are really something. I love the quality they lend to even the simplest illustrations.

Thanks for putting them all together.


Vonster said...

Thanks I appreciate it. I plan on traveling this summer and will be creating a new set based off of objects. Stuff like:

- Wires
- Power Stations
- Old Mechanics
- Gears/Dials/Read Outs
- Old Signs

Should be fun.