Jun 26, 2008

Illustrative Design Session.

Nervous in front of 900+ people.

FYI: This presentation has been updated since I posted this. The title of the new presentation is now called "Drawsigner" and aligns with my book "Vector Basic Training" which exhaustively covers the entire systematic creative process I cover in this presentation. The content linked to this post is still good but the updated presentation is only available through in person speaking engagements. If you'd like to invite me to speak at your event contact me here. To see dates and locations of where I'll be speaking next visit the Glitschka Studios facebook page.

My extensive one hour session from the HOW Design Conference is now online. It will walk you through the entire creative process for creating inspiring and effective "Illustrative Design" solutions.

A screen grab from my session presentation.

Have you ever thought of a unique concept, but then wasn’t sure you could pull it off because it required a good amount of illustrative work and frankly speaking that intimidated you? Or your budget was such that you couldn’t hire it out either? So, instead you just pursued another design direction?

Quick reference sheet included in download.

Well, fear no more my fellow creatives! This session will walk you through systematic illustrative design methods you’ll be able to integrate into your own creative process. In the end you’ll be better equipped to pursue those design ideas that require an illustrative touch far more effectively, thus expanding your overall creative potential and skill set as a graphic designer.

For more information and to download the "Illustrative Design Session" or other helpful step by step tutorials click here.

Included in this download: The entire “Illustrative Design” session from the HOW Design Conference, Exhaustive notes regarding each step of the process, Quick reference sheet to help you remember each step, MP3 audio file of entire session so you can listen while you go through it yourself and Instructions on how to use everything on a MAC or PC.

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