Jun 11, 2008


"Black & White Freedrawing" book by Zeptonn

I love participating in artistic collaboration. This being the internet age I am no longer limited by geographical location so when Zeptonn invited me to take part in a new book venture he was heading up called "Black & White Freedrawing" I eagerly jumped on it.

I won't bother trying to explain the concept behind the book in detail I'll let you source out that information yourself at the books official web site.

Simple tools, simple method.

How it's done: Zeptonn starts off by drawing a little bit than gives it to me. I draw on to it more than hand it back to Zeptonn etc. This goes on until we have a full page filled. There is no underline concept, not theme, no purpose were just free drawing what ever comes to mind or tickles our fancy at the given moment. Hence the name "Freedrawing."

Sure it's a somewhat twisted, weird and risque but fun none the less. I think it would be interesting to have a psychologist look at this art and comment on it's possible meaning. ;-P

All six stages as the "Freedrawing" progressed.

How long did it take: We did a total of six rounds. But there are no set rules to how long or short it can go. You're just trying to fill the page. All though I'd say you want to do at least four rounds. The fun part is playing off what the other had drawn. You can see a larger version of the final art here.

Another interior page of mine in the book.

I have to admit I somewhat cheated on this one. Meaning I took an old doodle and just drew more onto it and called it good. So it's half freedrawing and half recycled freedrawing. Why did I do this? Because I was buried in work at the time and because I get lazy like anyone else. So deal with it.

If you'd like to see other contributors to the book you can view sample spreads at the books official web site it's sure to draw your attention! What? That was punny!

Thanks Zeptonn for the opportunity!

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