Jun 14, 2008

Eastern Beauty.

"Eastern Beauty" Artwork. Click image to view larger preview.

Lately it seems like clients have been giving me specific directions to take my art and once I get there they change their mind and than move me in another direction. It's all part of the creative process when working with an agency but it's still a little disappointing when you feel like you delivered on target. (Cue Hindemith's solo violin sonata no. 2, Op. 31.)

"Eastern Beauty" T-shirt.

But I am not too bummed. (Sniff) After all they are still paying me for creating the art and I get the benefit of using it however I see fit. (That's right!) And I see fit to take this rejected art and apply it to all manner of consumer goods so you my faithful blog reader can spend your stimulus check and help facilitate a healthy creative commerce. So gird your loins with my art here.

Some of my best artwork have been complete failures and this is what I'd consider one of my best. Artwork that is, not the failure part. (Geesh.)


HMK said...

Did I ever tell you that you're one of my heros?

Well, you are! It's always nice to see great work but what makes it especially nice is when you get to hear some of the process of how one gets from concept to deliverables. (Not to mention the speed bumps of the ad world, better known as AEs and CDs...)

Anyway, been meaning to give you a pat on the back for a while - in fact I think I may have a while back... Regardless, I truly appreciate you sharing the stories and drama that goes into being a creative renegade like yourself that always seems to make it look sooo damn easy. Rock on Vonster dude!



Vonster said...

Ah man that was nice to hear! My blog tends to be somewhat cathartic for me. Life would be pretty boring I suppose if everything went smoothly.

I think there is a Twilight Zone episode based on that premise if my memory is correct?

Appreciate the comments.