May 7, 2008

Satan's Logo

Brand Logo Option 1.

Nothing helps me to get into the creative zone and focus more then listening to something while I work. Be it music, audio books or as is the case this past weekend a cool lecture by biblical scholar Michael S. Heiser. He went in depth regarding ancient Semitic Languages and dissected some very controversial verses in the Old Testament. The guy is amazing and has a pretty good sense of humor too.

His topics are what I like to call "X File Bible Studies." The one I listened too was all about demonic hybrids and how what happened in Genesis 6 will happen again in the "End Times." And if you thought that was fringe, he was presenting this topic at a national UFO convention. LOL

BTW: If you're not familiar with the finer points of Biblical Prophecy don't sweat it, you can get a good Cliff Notes version in YouTube form here. Or if you want a good book on the subject that spells it out verse by verse then be sure to read this.

Well needless to say it got my mind churning. I started thinking about the dark lords master plan in the future. And regardless of your theological comprehension you no doubt have seen enough references over the years via movies and books to know that the number "666" is related to the prince of darkness. In fact the Bible has this to say about it.

"He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666."
- Revelation 13:18

But that said not all Christians view such verses as future events. Some think it all happened in AD 70? (This is called the preterist view) Anyway I'll get to the point of this post before I put you to sleep.

Brand Logo Option 2.

The Bible talks about a future world leader who will step upon the stage of human history and will woo the world to his brand of leadership, politics, spiritualism and set forth an agenda for a new world vision. You've probably heard him referred to as "The Antichrist."

Many times I've thought about this whole subject, but this time was very different. I pictured the number "666" in my minds eye and couldn't help but think to myself from a graphic design and marketing point of view.

"How would Satan and his minion sell this brand if it's a literal mark containing the number 666?"

Hollywood and centuries of viral marketing have already tainted the equity. Even a person who would never consider themselves a "Bible Believer" would probably pass on getting "666" applied to their hand or forehead.

Being a creatively curious person I decided to spend half an hour and see if I could create a brand logo for Satan. (After all he'll more then likely hire a brand agency to do this in the future.) I realized I needed coherent rationale before I started and this is what I came up with.

Design Rationale
- "666" has to be in the logo.
- A brand name has to be developed. (Think "Zoloft", "Viagra" or "Crestor.")
- Must use "Red". (Satan owns this color. Sorry "Target" and "Coke.")
- Spend no more then 30 minutes on it. (Have work to do.)
- Approach it like a corporate client.
- No cliches. (Think "Devil Horns" and "Trident.")

The above was the two options I came up with. The hardest part was the new brand name actually. After all we are talking about the master deceiver in all history here so his true nefarious tendencies need to be cloaked in a thin veneer of corporate benevolence.

Anyway it entertained me if only for a few minutes during this horizontal hold and I thought it would make for a fun post. Enjoy.


Building equity via a UK country side?

Well I was trolling some conspiracy sites the other night just for kicks and low and behold I found this little visual gem.


Juggling Jason said...

You know what would really crack me up? If you logo mocked this. I know you only do logo mocks of bad logos but you could make an exception in the name of a good joke, no?

Man, you're awesome! Too bad the Underlord owns your soul now.

Teddi said...

Too funny! Good work, especially for spending such a short time on it.

The other funny thing, though, is that I'm sure I've seen this logo design somewhere before (the one at the top of the page)... just never thought about the 666 connection.

Thanks for the laugh!

Vonster said...

After I finished it I thought the top one looked like an aperture and the bottom resembled a hurricane icon. I guess that could mean Satan might be a shutterbug and hurricanes are a result of him passing some serious gas?

Jeff said... seriously need to get OUT of the house more!



Mike said...

Very Nice!!!
When does the Designer Clothing Line Come Out.

Sparky Firepants said...

This is especially relevant for me, since I'm currently developing God's logo.

He wasn't crazy about my work, but I was the lowest bidder.

OcellNuri said...

Great post! I really enjoyed the back story. For half an hour, your two resulting logos have a lot of promise. I'm sure I'll see a lot of spiral logos now and just not be able to trust the companies at all.

Grafixgibbs said...

Your a sick twisted man Von. Cool mark. :-)

Matthew said...

well, 666 or 616. both numbers are legit. 666 is more popular i suppose, although 616 is historically more accurate.

fivemcclungs said...

I love the way you've used the spiraling sixes. Very nice for 30 min exercise. And Lucius and red are very appropriate.

Your client might have been a bit deceptive with you during the initial meeting. The use of sixes as Satan's brand mark is actually a trademark infringement. This has created tons of brand confusion over the centuries for people, although I'm sure he didn't mind. The text you quote in the Bible brand manual (Rev 13:18) states clearly that the number "666" is the number of Man, not Satan. Crafty client eh? It's just recently that he's been exposed.

For a little additional brand background on this number, 666 simply represents "incompleteness" of man in spirit, soul, and body. Contrast this with God's brand number on Christ, the second man/Adam, which is 777 or complete in spirit, soul and body.

It gets a bit tricky when you look at the application of the mark 666. The beast (I'm sure he was present at your initial meeting) seems to plaster this logo on everybody. Only, it's not a literal mark on your hand and forehead or even little barcodes and microchips, this would be too crude for your client. What the beast (a.k.a. sin) is doing with the 666 mark is influencing the way you think (forehead) and act (hands). In other words, if you don't think with man's mind or act out of man's incomplete nature, you won't be able to function (buy and sell) on this earth. Clever eh? That's some serious branding!

lex said...

Hilarious! Also great job on the logo mocks, they're so awesome :)

FA said...

Looks a bit like Nutrasweet... and so many existing coporate devils.

Rob Christianson said...

How funny - I did this same sort of experiment back when I read the Left Behind books. I tried to envision how the "666" combined with "GCC" (Global Community Currency) would look together, and then superimposed it on a fellow's forehead.

It came out pretty cool and "euro"looking - assuming the European Union will have anything to do with the "10 kings" and "10 horns" and all that... eschatology is confusing to me, but luckily I don't have to figure it all out. I just have to be faithful while I'm here, and watch what the Lord does around me.

If i dig up the image I made, I'll pass it on to ya.

Josh (musarter) said...

I really enjoyed this post. You actually came up with a very strong attractive logo (the top one) in short time. Satan would be proud seeing that we was so attractive among angels. Great explanation of the whole enchilada too.

I consider myself a fairly adept logo and vector artist and I must say your logo/vector work is impressive. I really like your "Lesson Maker" logo.
Nice work.

betterthanhuman said...

Dude! That is serious genius and actually made me laugh. Even though it's a total joke it gave me some great insight into your logo development process.

Berger said...

it looks similar to new jockye logo that's why its familiar

hoobyjuice said...


loooove that logo, its a heelarious branding exercise.

do you have a link for the lecture you were listening to?


taz said...

very nicely done. simple and effective.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, but I've seen it before. There's a 1970s movie called "Lucifer Rising" by Kenneth Anger. Several years back, someone put out the 3 soundtracks (yes, 3) to the film on one CD, and the "666" art shown here is essentially identical to the art printed on the CD. But it's such an incredibly rare CD that I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Regards, M

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said... now part of satan too... LOL.

iop said...

It's the same as the Google Chrome logo, which many have noticed displays the '666' incorporated into the circular shape of an eye looking straight at you, which some consider to represent the all-seeing eye.

And given Google's track record of being exposed as secretly and illegally logging the personal information of everyone on the planet, as well as its close relationship with the CIA, perhaps the use of such devilish icons isn't mere coincidence!

iop said...

It's the same as the Google Chrome logo, which many have noticed displays the '666' incorporated into the circular shape of an eye looking straight at you, which some consider to represent the all-seeing eye.

And given Google's track record of being exposed as secretly and illegally logging the personal information of everyone on the planet, as well as its close relationship with the CIA, perhaps the use of such devilish icons isn't mere coincidence!