May 26, 2008

Creative Leftovers.

"LionHeart" Tribal Tattoo Lion. (Click to see detailed view)

Attention Art Thieves: This artwork is Copyright © 2008 Glitschka Studios. That means you do not have permission to use this in any way, shape, or form. That includes getting it tattooed to any region of your body visible or invisible to the public. If you choose to ignore this warning and I find out I'll sue to have it surgically removed and you'll be paying a usage fee for the time it was on you. Yes, I am serious.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog post.

Sometimes during the course of a creative project I develop more ideas than what the client ultimately uses. A recent project was such the case.

I had developed an idea all the way to a final tight sketch, all that was left was to simply build the art digitally. But then the client changed the direction of the project and we put it aside and moved ahead with new art. Well that project is done now and I decided to flesh this leftover art out.

I like how it came out and hopefully I can find a good use for it.

LionHeart T-Shirt.

To preview the t-shirt design click here.

LionHeart T-Shirt being worn by my friend Jasmine Wabbington.

If you'd like to gird your loins in unique tribal flair just head on over to my tshirt offering on

FYI: For information about my stock tribal designs or to have me create a custom tribal design for you visit


Joseph said...

Can we begin wagering on how long before someone reads the legal notice and still proceeds to violate copyright laws and usage rights by having this added to their body or tattooing it on someone as their own art? I'm putting the over/under at 1-week.

Great work, Von!

Blue Dog Art said...

I love this design! Rat bastard thieves be gone!

I attended your session at HOW in Boston and loved it! Thank you so much for your insight and also for taking the risk of sharing your work and resources online. Please know that your work and talent is greatly admired.

Halftone Dot said...

I am curious about what finally happened with the art ripped off by Imperial. Are they still in denial?

Anonymous said...

i f*in love that design.. if it wasnt against the law i would get that tattooed on me for real.. but great work.. really.

Anonymous said...

nice work, good luck in keeping someone from getting it tattooed though. In fact I have a feeling you would lose badly in court if you ever pursued such a case, if you could even find a lawyer stupid enough to take the case.

Vonster said...


You might want to double check your feeling. I have had my art stolen, I have hired a copyright lawyer and I have won the case regarding art of this exact style being ripped off.

The fact someone might isn't one I need to worry about any more than someone might steal my car. I do what I legally have to do and than if necessary take action.

So you might want to read up on copyright laws because your assumptions are not accurate. I am the creator, by default I own the copyright outright. Unless I grant permission, or you ask permission to use, or you pay to use it than any usage other than that is a violation. That's not my opinion that is simply what the copyright law states.

Anonymous said...

i understand you drew this, but why take such serious measures to make sure people can't get this as a tattoo on their body?

its a beautiful piece,and if i created it i would want to share it with people and allow them to put it on their bodies.
it would be flattering to me.

I really don't understand the big deal.

(and,as I understand it, the name "Lion Heart" is copyrighted under a jewelers name. They make original necklaces and rings - one of which im wearing now.)

Vonster said...


The copyright has nothing to do with the name it has to do with the image/art itself. This image is copyrighted.

Problem isn't people wanting to get my art tattooed it's the fact they don't ask me permission to use my art before hand.

I've granted permission to people, I've traded out for permission too. In a nut shell I am more than reasonable about it.

The "Big Deal" is it's MY ARTWORK and people need to ask permission first. You couldn't go take art from a gallery and use it without permission so why is my online gallery any different? Legally it's not and that is my point.


Anonymous said...

If copywriting was such a concern why not get right click disabled on your images like other websites, otherwise it would be extremely difficult to trace the people all over the world that are using your art work.
I love the design and as a leo interested in tattooing i came across your sight while looking for tattoo designs. Keep up the great work!

Rachel said...

um im not sure this is ur original art...ive seen this image or one almost identical a few years or so back on another site and i really liked it, and someone else made it...and to those asking why he copyrighted it...plain and and to the "creator" there is no way you will ever find out if sum1 copyrights this or gets it tattooed on their body and there will be too many of them to file suit against all of them. and ur gunna spend more money filing suit than you will get out of it...surgical removal? really now?? really? thats just dumb. youre trippin.

Vonster said...


You're simply ignorant of copyright law so it's hard to even respond to your comments.

As to whether it's my art or not it is. I originally created it for a beverage company for a concept. They went in another direction I also designed and this was left over. Hence the title of this post.

I even documented the whole creative process for a future tutorial. Here is my original drawing:

The fact there are people who take other peoples creative work without permission and use it is obviously a concept you cannot comprehend from any perspective, that much is obvious from your comments.

gabrielm said...


"um im not sure this is ur original art...ive seen this image or one almost identical a few years or so back on another site and i really liked it, and someone else made it..."

Pics, or it didn't happen ;)

artsybee said...

You know, in this wonderful era of advanced technology, I'd expect people to be more educated on subjects before they speak.

Dearest Anon & the classy Rachel - I hope you like the taste of feet, because you sure seem to like sticking your foot in your mouth. The whole point of copyrighting is avoid having to do things like 'disable right-click' (perhaps you can also recommend how to prevent someone from doing a print screen). Copyright gives a much valued legal recourse for people who lack respect for the artist, their time and creativity. Pity it seems like such a bother to you, but in the case that someone steals your car, be sure to remind yourself that you left it out in the open and don't bother to call the police to act on your behalf.

Cheers to you Von, I'm an ethical fan of your incredible talent.

Pedro said...

hello is very nice lion design ... it possible that he can use a tattoo ... you give me permission .. I think I saw and I love good art .. greetings from peru ... pedro

Vonster said...


Please email me at info(at) and I can give you information about using this art for a tattoo.



iBritne said...

Would love to use this as a tattoo. Please let me know if I can get permission from you for this purpose.