Apr 4, 2008

Sneak Peek - Drip.Dot.Swirl. 2

Nine of the eighty patterns that will be in the book.

You may be thinking "Didn't he just post about this?" and you'd be correct. I decided to share a few more patterns with you to wet your appetite, since many emailed me to see more. So this is it for 2008, I can't disclose any more so I decided to pick a few that showcased the range of style and thematic motifs I am creating.

Pattern names for each in order from left to right.
- Leaf Me Alone
- Thorn Blossom
- Alien Cells
- Bone Head
- Graphic Bloom
- Noodler
- Parlor
- Hawaiian Vibe
- Flame Broiled

All of course are tileable. Hope you like what you see so far.


kgiff said...

I'm always on the lookout for good tile-able patterns and these are excellent.

Can't wait for the book!

Joan M. Mas said...

It looks very promising! Some of these patterns are really intrincate, especially the third in first and second rows, with all the interlocking shapes. Good work!