Apr 27, 2008

Cooking Up a Logo.

Old Logo: Unprofessional, cheap and looks like clip-art

I enjoy teaming up with other agencies and working together to create original, fun and effective solutions for small and large business owners.

When Dave Miller was approached by Gourmet Learning to re-design and develop a new web site for their company he recognized they needed a new identity, not just a new web site. Their old logo was at best unprofessional and at worst detracted from the quality curriculum they created and sold.

New Logo: Professional, clean and approachable.

Dave contacted me to handle the new identity design. Along with a new logo design the company had recently changed to a new name as well so the timing was good to introduce a new identity to go with it.

B&W Incarnation.

As we progress down the digital highway old methods for identity design are falling to the wayside. Technology has changed to the point where having a B&W version of a given logo isn't always needed. We are designing for an "RGB World" as my friend Bill Gardner likes to call it.

This client does enough one color so a B&W version was needed.

Business card piping hot off the press.

When I design identity pieces such as business cards I rarely stick to a simple rectangle. I always try to incorporate a unique die-cut that if possible carries over a conceptual twist to it. In this case I wanted the card itself to mimic a loaf of bread, hence playing off the whole chef motif.

Dave is currently fleshing out the new site which I've also assisted with in terms of the look and feel and that'll be launched once it's finished.

If you're looking to create a recipe for success on your next project and need someone to assist in your creative kitchen and cook up some tasty design ideas, then I am your chef.


betterthanhuman said...

Very nice. I really like how fresh the new flavor is while drawing so much from the old one.

Grant Huhn said...

I routinely tell students and colleagues that you are one of the best illustrators in the country... and every piece you make further proves my claim. Great job. And thanks for being so generous with your knowledge and discoveries. -Grant Huhn

Plaza Aydesa said...

ohhh Cassandre...

nori said...

The new soon doesn't pass seriousness of the company, in my opinion as design, I prefer the old.

Vonster said...


The new soon?

Well each identity project I work on follows a set process and it's the information gleaned from that process, driven by the client that determines the appropriate design aesthetic.

This had an element of fun mainly because they develop curriculum for kids and the client defined attributes for their business that aligned with this approach.

I design from an informed point of view not merely what I'd like.

nori said...

I understand, with me it also happens. We presented 3 ideas and not always the chosen is of our taste and we also have to follow each customer's briefing. I agree with you. Thank you for the answer.