Mar 20, 2008

Billy Mays for President!

'Billy Mays for President Campaign Poster.'

You really want change in the presidency?

Billy is a living exclamation mark and he wants your vote! He'll rage against those tough stains of senatorial corruption and clean up politics like a dirty rag dipped in OxiClean. In other words he'd make a mighty president!

Show your support for Billy and download his FREE campaign poster today!


Anonymous said...

Billy Mays as President? AWESOME!!! And his running mate? How about Tony Little? Clean this country up and whip it into shape.

Vonster said...

LOL, nice. We'd no doubt see an amendment to the constitution involving beard grooming and adult pony tails as well.

MacDude said...

He should have Michael Palin as his running mate :-D.

Anonymous said...

John Madden could definitely be in his cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Anthony "Sully" Sullivan would have to be his running mate. He is one of the main reasons Billy is on TV.