Mar 19, 2008

The Billy Mays Effect!

'Billy Mays Full-Color Art.'

You've seen him pushing his goods like "Samurai Shark", "OxiClean", "Hercules Hooks", "Handy Switch" or his newest shout out "Mighty Putty." Like me you've probably watched his no frill commercials as he confidently pitches the latest and greatest joe consumer product all the while being hypnotized by his impeccably groomed beard.

Billy's ever present smile, energy and high volume reassure you that what he's offering is a must have. After all he just showed you how it worked and gave it a thumbs up! Lets face it Billy Mays has selling power!

As designers we all struggle with selling our ideas, pitching them to the powers that be, so I though what would help in this pursuit? Billy Mays of course!

'Billy Mays B&W Art.'

Just download the Billy Mays PDF file, print it out and apply mask directly to face for your next presentation. With the iconic image of Billy Mays on your side, all you have to do is talk loud, grow out your forearm hair, give a thumbs up to your own design presentations and "Ka-Boom", your audience will buy into your ideas in no time!

'PDF Download.'

If you download the "Billy Mays Power Mask" right now, I'll double your order! That's right you get two PDF files in one download. (PDF includes a Color and B&W version) What are you waiting for? The power of Billy Mays is just a click away. Download "Billy Mays Power Mask" Today!


John said...

Make it paste, it's ten times as strong!

Jorge A. Morales said...

Wow Man!

You just brought a laugh and a smile to my face.

Made my Wednesday at work.


Brian Mays said...

Nice! I should tell people in the office we're related. Maybe some of his hypnotic effect will transfer over!

Retro Vertigo said...


Anonymous said...

Thought you may enjoy this. I don't think Billy ever "turns off".

Diana McClung said...

I was looking a product I saw on tv and lo and behold, found this site:

I wonder, did they ask if they could use your image?

Deaf258 said...

I am in shock Billy Mays gone, too!

Anonymous said...

Was that your image they used for the stickers they wore to the funeral?

Vonster said...

Everyone keeps emailing me and asking if this art was the art used in the stickers that those attending Billy Mays funeral wore. After watching the tribute on TV myself I'd have to say no it isn't. It's done in the same style but it is different art.

If you'd like to use this art on anything just email me and we can work something out. If it's for personal use then no permission is needed of course.

I'm going to miss Billy, he was a genuine normal person celebrity and seemed like a nice guy. Still bums me out. Sad.

You'll be missed Billy! I'll pray for your wife and children.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you gave permission for this...