Dec 22, 2007

FREE iPhone Wallpaper - Set 2

'Arizona - A picture from my trip to the Arizona Desert'

When the iPhone came out I was stoked and I have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since. I figured with Christmas upon us that the new year would bring about a new swarm of iPhone users, so I decided to create a new set of iPhone Wallpapers.

'Da Bomb'

This set consists of '8' images that are formatted for the iPhone and cover a diverse range of styles and topics.

'Urban Burn'

I still plan on creating a more customized set in 2008 but I am going to wait until after the Apple keynote in January. More then likely Mr. Jobs will have a few surprises in store and it might alter what I do?

You can view my original set of '25' iPhone Wallpapers here.


I'd be remiss if I didn't include one specifically geared for the creative community.

Get this set of '8' images here: Download Vonster Brand iPhone Wallpaper

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hanum said...

nice.. one, thank's for wallpaper sharing ;)