Nov 13, 2007

Unwrapping a Logotype

'Lifetime Television Seasonal Logotype'

I was approached by Lifetime Television to create the above seasonal logotype. They wanted fun and festive hand lettering for use in their branding for the holiday season the entire month of December. It'll also be used in their print publicity materials and online.

The TV spots will be animated and are suppose to start airing November 10th. I haven't been able to see the animation yet myself however.

'Secondary Seasonal Element Provided'

I also created the above secondary graphic to go with the logotype. All though I don't think Lifetime Television will end up using the holly berries I still provided the art incase they changed their mind.

I always enjoy doing hand lettering it's almost as fun as Christmas.


Drew said...

Hey i was wondering if this is okay for you to post? I know it's none of my business really... I just wondered.

Because recently i got into a lot of trouble for posting some work we'd started for a client/job in the begining stages. A bunch of lawers for the entity ran across the image of the design on my blog and called the company i work for up, nearly ready to slap us with a lawsuit. I had to take it down immediately and then we had to give them a discount on a ton of the work we'd done for them to avoid any possible threat.

To be fair, i would never have posted it had they discussed with us, that they wanted their project strictly confidential or had asked us to sign an NDA like some of our other clients. Even so i thought i would say something. I'm just worried! But i'm guessing you know your stuff so there probably isn't much to fret about right?

Jorge A. Morales said...

Wow Man, I am dumb struck by how crazy it is that I can see the simplest of your designs and recognized that it is yours, and to notice you polished and refined style!.

By the way, how do you get such A-list Clients such as Lifetime?

Jorge Morales

Vonster said...

On this particular project I didn't sign any NDA. I usually try to wait until something goes public before posting about it though.

I've only had a few times when it's ruffled feathers though. One time was earlier this year when I worked on some artwork for Shrek III and even though the movie had released to the public someone at Dreamworks got bent out of shape due to my blog post and asked for it to be removed. Legally they had no right to do so but I politely removed it...for about a week then I re-posted it and they're none the wiser.

patricia said...

I just saw this on TV and knew that I'd seen it somewhere. I noticed that they did change the colors though.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Vonster said...

Yeah they changed the colors which is OK seeing the environment it's in but I am not really liking the cheesy (think Photoshop layer effects) modeling they put on the type but that's par for the course with this type of work. I can only control it so much.

I still think it came out pretty cool though, trying to get a copy of the spot for my official records and if I can I'll post it too.