Nov 26, 2007

Unwrapping a Logotype - TV Spot

'Lifetime Television Seasonal Logotype'

Lifetime Television just sent me the TV spot using my logotype design. They changed the colors and added some modeling to the letterforms but overall I think it came out pretty cool. The above image shows the art I delivered.

'Lifetime Television TV Spot'

The screen capture shown above comes from the actual TV spot being aired the whole month of December on Lifetime. Watch the entire TV spot here.


Jorge A. Morales said...

Congratulations Von,

You must be feeling like a million bucks!

BTW, would you be so kind as to tell how do you get these cool gigs?


Vonster said...


This specific job came via a logo design a marketing director saw that I did for a Pepsi branding project so he contacted me about this project.

The Pepsi gig was a favor I did for a close design friend who needed a few extra concepts for the pitch. Didn't pay a ton but it lead to this eventually.

So to bake it all down I'd say creative collaboration via helping a friend played the biggest part in landing this gig.

inspectorfegter said...

Great job Von! It's cool to interact with the people behind these great designs on TV and major brands. I don't think people realize how much hard work goes on behind the scenes for TV to look so good.

Missy B said...

Nice work! How exciting--congrats :D

Randy Hill said...

Looks great Von! I saw it the other night, and startled my wife when I shouted out, "Von did that!" "Did What?" "The lettering for that!" "Oh."

Jarrod said...

Very cool! Did you do all the animation yourself?

Vonster said...


I just designed the logo type with animation in mind. Their own in house department handled the animation and added the wonky bevel effect too.