Nov 25, 2007

Isometric Diagram Illustration

'Isometric Diagram Illustration for Kazeon.'

How do you relay technically complex IT processes and methodologies in a simple visual manner so a layman or garden variety corporate suit can quickly and easily get a grasp on the big picture and understand a products benefit to their bottom line? That was the challenge I faced on this project.

'Diagrams integrated into Kazeon web site.'

Kazeon equips large companies to manage and isolate individual data points within their own networks that may contain millions of documents, files and emails. They needed to show these services visually on their web site at, and within presentations to potential clients and investors alike.

In total I created four diagram illustrations for Kazeon along with some GUI icons you can see on their web site. Working in this isometric style is fun and is kind of like vector SIMS in a way. To view a larger version of the illustration above click here.


Jeope said...

Well done, sir. I had a rare opportunity to build a graphic like this here a few months ago. It turned on a part of my brain I normally don't call upon, but the organization-nut in me loved the work.

AVST said...

Any chance you have this available in PDF or Illustrator format? There is some great work here. (That is...seeing that they have already taken it down off their site.

Vonster said...


Email me using the address in the upper right corner of my blog and I can send you a PDF to view.