Nov 5, 2007

Embracing My Inner Geek

'The Ferengi . Click on image to view larger sample.'

I admit I love watching Star Trek. Over the years I've enjoyed the Ferengi characters the most. Since I just got TIVO I've been watching a lot of Star Trek lately and was reminded again of how much this specific character amused me and I've been meaning to illustrate one based on a sketch I did a few months ago.

Well I had a few extra hours last night so I created the art shown above. I integrated their official logo and an actual rule of acquisition. Of course if you're not familiar with the Star Trek universe then this art will mean very little to you and you'll just think I am a geek and yes you'd be correct in that assessment, and my wife would be of the exact same mindset as you too. :-)

But if you're a fellow geek and enjoy Star Trek as much as I do then you'll want to download the pdf I have created so you can print it out and enjoy the art yourself. Download Ferengi PDF.

PS: Of course I am violating multiple rules of acquisition by giving this art away for FREE in the PDF file but to appease the Grand Nagus I am also offering a handsome t-shirt which you can purchase for a minimal amount of Latinum.

Update! Well federation commerce police didn't think I should be selling my fan art on their site so even though all things Star Wars is permitted it looks like anything Star Trek is not? Nice Kardashian tactics.

NEW Ferengi Rules of Acquisition Widget On It's Way!

I've partnered with a coder out of Portland to create a MAC OSX widget. He had previously released a Ferengi Rules of Acquisition Widget but the graphics weren't so great so I offered to re-design his GUI and soon the new widget will be uploaded to Apples site for all to download and enjoy. Below is a sneak peek at the graphics.

'GUI Design for Widget Front.'

'GUI Design for Widget Back.'

'Dashboard Dock Icon.'


AIGA OK President said...

This is great. I haven't thought about the Ferengi in awhile. Oddly enough, there have been Star Trek references floating around our offices from unlikely sources lately.

Brian Mays

Mike said...

I wouldn't assume Lucas's people are any more tolerant. Richard Stevens of got spanked not long ago for selling his "Chewie is my co-pilot" shirt, which doesn't even depict any characters. Just one example of MANY Star Wars related cease and desist orders that seem to pop up hourly.

Vonster said...

I suppose fan art at some degree (mainly commerce) is stepping on IP toes and in that respect I understand the cease and desist orders.

But when something becomes so integrated into pop culture that it can be used as a metaphor that the majority would understand is it really owned by an individual anymore?

The Chewie shirt seems pretty benign compared to many I've seen on Threadless one being Darth Vader pruning a bush to look like the death star and they are still selling that so I don't get why one is bad and the other is OK?

Shadeofmyheart said...

awesome.. I look forward to the widget!